Hilarious article on Tesco vs Unilever and Marmite

Apparently you can no longer buy Marmite from Tesco Online. This BBC article on the subject is hilarious.

I’m not going to spoil it for you. Just click the link and be prepared to stifle laughter if you’re at work.

BBC Trending does have some very funny articles, and that’s one of the best yet. I always go there for a chuckle when I’m browsing the BBC news site.

Edit: forgot to add that it looks as though Marmitegate has been resolved… for now. Tesco and Unilever settle Marmite dispute | Unilever | The Guardian

Note I saw this on BBC news and it appears that Unilever products, which are produced outside the U.K., are going to have their prices raised due to the lowering value of the British Pound lately…

And that is due to Brexit which they were for…

And so now a grocery store there called Tesco has removed those products from their web site!

Seems someone needs to face reality!

You people are all laughing about how Unilever is pulling one of its products off of store shelves. Because that product is Marmite.

Unilever also owns Ben and Jerry’s.

Marmite is produced in the UK. The exchange rate was a pretext. Unilever have climbed down, anyway.

As a lifetime US of Aian, let me see if I have this straight:

Vegemite is Australian and is made from yeast and vegetables
Marmite is British and is made from yeast and marmots

Is that about right?