Hilariously bad photoshop

Note that all three heads of Dr. Laura on this one page are the same. Also, she’s known to be really short, not like the Amazon lady on the left.

(Sent to me by a friend who was trying to sign up but couldn’t stop laughing at this page.)

Wow, that’s amazingly bad. I was thinking it was going to be a link to some amateur photoshopper not a supposedly professional job.

There are actually 4 Dr. Laura heads on that page, and they are all the same. It’s appallingly bad Photoshopping, but it’s also remarkably consistent.

Shut. up.

That is so bad it’s unbelievable. I’m agog. Even knowing what an asshat she is, you’d think there’d be the slightest bit of quality control.

Holy shit.

Well, I think that the idea of the page was that, if you subscribe to her “On the Go” schtick, she’ll be “there with you” wherever you go. Hopefully as a podcast, not as a creepy body-snatcher who takes over the bodies of innocent bystanders, like Agent Smith in “The Matrix”.

The glazed eyes, the fake smile; are we absolutely sure she doesn’t really look like that by now?

Google image search shows some examples of her looking nowhere as young as that, the site below from 2010 for example.

Maybe she got the one good pic and wanted everyone to be sure to see it, like when Liz Lemon’s cell phone was stolen.

Now go take on the day!

Wikipedia says that she’s 66 years old, so that one photo of her must have been taken at least 30 years ago.

Don’t you stand on a box for all your photos? Really, it does wonders for your skin, too.

If the bottom Join Now head was just an inch to the left, then it wouldn’t be so bad. If it was another inch to the right, then it’d be kinda funny.


Due to its soft focus nature, I think it’s a relatively recent photo with the wrinkles photoshopped away, an easy effect to achieve.

No, there are three different heads, with one repeated because it’s the same assemblage cropped differently. They look the same because her face was paralyzed by near-fatal Clostridium botulinum poisoning.

I’ve seen some photos taken before she was poisoned. She could move her face and show that she is not a natural blonde but is probably a natural woman. Or had a good surgeon. Or a good skin suit to cover up that she’s a lizard person.

She was hot and slutty. What pointed her to the dark side?

Wow, I thought this was going to be another North Korea thread. :slight_smile:

Actually, on closer exam, I think they are 2 different photos. On the right, you have the exact same photo with 2 different crops. On the left you have a slightly different photo cloned onto 2 torsos, but each side is turned slightly inward, in opposite directions.

I think we’re all missing a very important issue here :

Why on earth was the OP’s friend trying to sign up?

Agreed. Time for an intervention.

Actually, it’s only the peach-jacket head at the top left of the page that was (badly) photoshopped onto the larger photo with the red apron.

Obviously for one of the really cool t-shirts with “I AM MY KID’S MOM” plastered on front.

I was mistakenly thinking of Dr Ruth when I looked at this thread. Thinking maybe she asked that a single shot of her face be used in all spots. Thinking maybe she could be excused for that. But as it’s Dr Laura–

Dr Laura deserves every apt laff directed at her.