Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run for any office

a couple of reasons being, she is married to a “should be convicted felone” and aided and abetted in the White Water Scandal. I will bet you a steak dinner too that she will run for the Presidency in 2004.

Why is this so? How can we allow this to take place?

Yeah, and I hear Ford was married to an addict. So?

Well, Gnostic, if ya know good, ya could file it as politics as usual…

who is the “we” that decides if a person can run for elected federal office?..oh yeah that silly little constitution

“married to a felon”…lessee, and would that apply to children, parents, cousins and descendents? What distaff relations? To what generation? Okay, all you dirtbags with squirrels in the family, you’re disenfranchised, NOW.

Oh, I see, it’s guilt by association. Forget rules of law, evidence and proof.

Don’t like someone? Find a family member who messed up.

Hey, campers, I have a great idea: let’s bring back stoning!

Generations of imbreeding can’t explain this. Yuppies who didn’t “say no” and then reproduced?


If she runs in 2008, we will elect her by a hefty margin just in order to piss off people such as yourself !

If your thread had been entitled, “Hilary Clinton should not be elected to any office”, then it would have made sense. As your OP stands, you’re just being silly.


**Gnostic wrote:

a couple of reasons being, she is married to a “should be convicted felone”**

So, if you’re married to someone, you’re a guilty as they are? Interesting concept of law you have there.

and aided and abetted in the White Water Scandal.

With over 40 million spent in the investigation, several years of investigating, two prosecutors and reams of evidence that shows there’s no conclusive evidence for this, you’re saying this because…?

I will bet you a steak dinner too that she will run for the Presidency in 2004.

I’ll take that bet! How do I contact you for arranging this deal?

Why is this so? How can we allow this to take place?

The question really ought to be, why do you object to someone running for public office who doesn’t hold your political viewpoint?

I myself wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for Dogcatcher, let alone any office with real power. But I can think of any number of people that’s true about–that doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to run.

If you don’t like her, Gnostic, then you can work for her opposition. Bitching that she’s allowedto run is silly.

From what I’ve seen, the most virulent enemies of Hillary Clinton are basically scared of women in general. A woman with some power is their worst nightmare.

Bill Clinton is Guilty of what felony? Lessee, 4+ years & 40 million $$, more than has been spent on any criminal investigation since the beginning of time- and the dude was aquited. This is the ol’ USA- it is “innocent until PROVEN Guilty”- not- “guity becuase I think so”. You might have a case with OJ, at least he lost the wrongful death civil suit- so at least you can properly say he was guilty of wrongfully causing their deaths- as opposed to murder. But the Prez has been found guilty of NOTHING. Well, he was fined for contempt in a civil case. But, the Prez is not guilty of perjury- and Hillary, altho I have no idea what the voters of NY saw in her- also came thru with a clean slate.

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I’ve got to disagree, Little Nemo. From what I’ve seen, the most virulent enemies of Mrs. Clinton tend to adore Margaret Thatcher, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, et al.

Talk about generalizations city. There are plenty of reasons to despise Hillary without fearing women in general.

If Bush wins, I suspect that we will see plenty of conservative women in power, just as we have seen many liberal women in power the last 8 years.


… what MysterEcks said.

I’m no Hillary fan, but to argue that she shouldn’t be allowed to run for office is asinine.

So anything political, even as flawed as this, belongs in Great Debates?

I don’t like Hillary either. However she hasn’t been convicted of anything that I’m aware of. Unless that happens she’s free to run for whatever office she feels like.


Little Nemo:

Gee, I don’t know about that…seems to me that Katherine Harris in Florida is their wildest dream, and the Democrats’ worst nightmare. Hey, Democrats are afraid of powerful women!

What, specifically, don’t you like about Hillary Clinton? Let’s leave her husband out of it. What has SHE said or done that offends you so?

I tend to side with Nemo on this—people hated Eleanor Roosevelt because she was an intelligent and outspoken First Lady. They hate Hillary for the same reason—or by proxy, because they hate her husband.

That said, I DO think she’s a carpetbagger in New York, but I also think she’s a damn sight better than Lazio would have been. Let’s give her a chance and see what she DOES now that she’s elected to office. Thenm if she screws up, you can wheel out the village pillory.

Puh-leeeze. As if there weren’t enough reasons without that. I can’t stand her politics, yet I would (and have) voted for plenty of other women with no hesitation. My boss is a woman, who I have no qualms working for.

Why is this even a topic, does no one have to right to disagree with Hillary! without being accused of hidden motives? Just exactly what has she done to be qualified for any office?