Hillary Clinton - Who's portrayed her the best?


Lengthy video, but very interesting.

Over the years, who’s portrayed Hillary best? Are there any that aren’t caricatures of her? Cartoons count.

I guess you can put it in two categories; ‘Funniest’ and most ‘Authentic’.

I agree with the video’s creator who enjoys Kate McKinnon.

Anyone care to put in their two cents?

The absolute most authentic Hillary Clinton portrayal was Emma Thompson in* Primary Colors.*

Techncally, however, she wasn’t actually playing Hillary, so I’m not sure it counts.

I love Kate McKinnon, but I think Amy Poehler’s slightly less manic Hillary is better.

Don’t have time to watch the video, but Amy Poehler is “the” Hillary Clinton impersonator in my mind. That’s probably mostly just because of how long she played the role on SNL – and during a period when I saw more SNL than I do now – but I also think she did a more accurate version of Hillary than Kate McKinnon.

Kate McKinnon is very funny though, and during the debate I found myself already looking forward to a debate sketch with McKinnon-as-Hillary grinning maniacally in the split screen while Trump blathers away.

I feel like McKinnon’s version of Hillary isn’t so much supposed to be an authentic impression of Hillary’s public persona but more a take on what the “inner Hillary” that she’s keeping under control might be like.

I think I’d give the nod to Angela Lansbury, in The Manchurian Candidate. Striking resemblance.

A silencer on a revolver. The hell do they know?

OK, I’ll give you that one. Hillary would know better.

I’d have to pick Amy Poehler, mainly on the strength of her appearances opposite “Sarah Palin”, i.e. she portrayed Clinton as very intelligent but increasingly (and comically) frustrated by the idiots around her.