"Hillary Tolak Minta Maaf kepada Donald Trump"

What in the heck is this? For the past week or so, at seemingly random intervals, MSN news homepage includes a grotesquely doctored photo of Ms. Clinton, with this caption:

“Hillary Tolak Minta Maaf kepada Donald Trump”

It’s this webpage: http://www.msn.com/en-us

When I click through the 20 or so “Top News” windows, as often as not this photo and caption are included in the first half-dozen or so items.

Has MSN been hacked? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one seeing this.

It’s apparently Indonesian and Google Translate renders it as “Hillary Less apologizes to Donald Trump” which I take to mean “Hillary refuses to apologize to Donald Trump”.

First paragraph:


Why MSNBC was showing it to English speakers is beyond me.

That’s the one. It looks to me as if the image on the MSN page this morning had more contrast, making her face look scarred. Same photo but more contrast or something.

It is indeed. I’m surprised Google Translate didn’t do a better job with the translation, but you’ve got it right.

Actually, Google Translate identified the headline alone as Malay and I didn’t catch it, so that’s where that translation came from. The translation once Google knows the headline is Indonesian is:

…which is actually worse, from a standpoint of actually understanding the message the headline is trying to convey.