HIPAA Suggestion

A card? Wouldn’t toke-ens work better?

I think this is a classic “grass is always greener” scenario. If the HipAA Pot Among Us clause were activated a lot of citizens would get their noses out of joint. If I may be blunt, we would have to weed out these dopes (and all their buds) from society.

It’s a chronic problem.


And because of the well-known munchies, food chains would want to get in on the action. Hence, Subway tokens, too.

Marijuana comes in lollypop form too nowadays. One way or another we’ll get this problem licked.

I don’t think it’s common knowledge, but apparently if you have a friend with medical marijuana, and you create a wordless tune while they are smoking, they basically have to let you smoke the rest of it. I just saw an article about it: “Lore in Back Hall: Hum, Free Bogart”.

Why do I feel the urge to put you in a Big Sleep?

A hit? That would be such a drag.

I suppose they could issue the same card to two people: joint custody.

And the Health Care Reimbursement Fund through your employer which will fund the MM: your joint account.


What do Wheel of Fortune and pot dealers have in common? They both charge $250 for an “O”.

Did you hear about the man who walked into a bank with a bag of weed? He wanted to open a joint account.

The other day I was smoking a joint, which I accidentally dropped and set the couch on fire. Quickly I phoned up the fire department, and the fireman asked, “How do we get there?” I answered: “DUH, in a big red truck!”

A stoner decides to go ice fishing. He gathers the necessary equipment and goes to the nearest frozen ice. About 20 feet out he cuts a hole in the ice. Suddenly a voice booms out: “THERE’S NO FISH THERE!”
The stoner shrugs, walks another 20 feet and starts to cut another hole in the ice. “THERE’S NO FISH THERE, EITHER!” booms the voice.
The stoner, confused, says: “Is that you, God?”
The booming voice says: “NO. I OWN THE FUCKING ICE RINK!”

So, has the OP’s problem been hashed out?

A bipartisan bill legalizing medical marijuana for use in alleviating symptoms of arthritis would be joint support for joint support for joint support!.

Will my card allotment pass to my spouse when I die? IOW, joint survivorship?

Will a synthetic marijuana cigarette show up on an x-ray? Some artificial joints do.

What if I’m sold a defective spiff? Do they offer joint replacement?