HIPAA Suggestion

I was just being silly yesterday and had a thought that won’t leave my mind. When doctors prescribe marijuana for medicinal use, they should be able to refuse to share their patients’ names when the Feds raid by citing the right to privacy in HIPAA.

We can call it the “HIPAA pot among us” clause.

… I hate you. :smack:

The problem is that when marijuana is prescribed to mentally ill patients, they tend to give it away to their friends, or really anyone they consider “nice”. The Feds need to know about this situation, so we would have to add a Sanity Clause.


Joe wants to try this, and so does Alice, but does Mary wanna?

You can’t fool me…

There AIN’T no Sanity Clause!

Marijuana isn’t prescribed, you get a recommendation from your doctor that allows you to get a card so you can buy it. At least in California.

You are my new favorite person.

I don’t get it…


The OP described it as a prescription, but it is not.

The other posts were jokes. I think he’s pretending your serious post was a joke he didn’t get.

Either way. Jokes are better when they’re factually accurate. :wink:

True enough!

pre·scribe - Recommend (a substance or action) as something beneficial.

So, nothing factually inaccurate here. You even send the doctors recommend it.

Thanks for playing though :smiley:

Yes it is inaccurate. It is not legally possible to prescribe Ina medical sense.

It’s worse than that. Some anesthesiologists have been found to be trading inhalants for sexual favors from Playboy models. So we have to contend with ether bunnies as well.


Well, there is, but only in Virginia.

I’d find something to say against this, but that would be HIPAA-critical.