Bush admin wanted to prosecute docs for even *discussing* marijuana!


“Supreme Court justices on Tuesday rejected the Bush administration’s request to consider whether the federal government can punish doctors for recommending or even discussing the use of marijuana for their patients.”

I’m glad the Court isn’t so conservative as to even consider this obscenity. Prosecution for simply mentioning how the substance could help the patient? Sweet Jesus.

Every time I hear something about the Bush administration, I feel edified in not considering American schools.

Vote this fucking clown out in 2004, for the love of og.

This is rich.

So I guess aspirin and all other pain killers are not medicines because they only make you feel better. I hope that my dentist doesn’t hear about this. :eek:

For the life of me I can’t understand why we have medical METHADONE and morphine, but people balk at marijuana as some kind of ilicit substance. Hello? What is the freaking difference? I can walk into my doctor’s office today and walk out with morphine patches or pills, but not marijuana. I cannot comprehend it at all.

The feds never cease to amaze me, trying to use scare tactics to silence doctors. I’m glad that the Supreme Court put them in their place.

The harms to health??? Many of the people that would benefit the most are dying! It is, IMO, inhumane to not allow them a drug, even if it only makes them feel better. Dying cancer patients are given morphine to ease the pain and that is considered acceptable, even though morphine is highly addictive. Surely there is a greater “harm to health” there. The governments logic escapes me.

Not to mention, without opening another can of worms, how can the goverment seriously argue about the safety of marijuana while keeping tobacco and alcohol perfectly legal.

I heard a folk singer on NPR a week or so ago, who mentioned that very fact in one of his songs. He pointed out that it’s not what drugs you take, but whose.

Dr. Andrea Barthwell: “There is no scientific evidence that qualifies smoked marijuana to be called medicine.” (bolding mine)

Does this mean THC in pill form qualifies? How about “special” brownies?

The logic behind this is simple:

Bill Clinton tried marijuana. Ergo, marijuana is evil and must be obliterated by all means necessary.

George W. Bush used cocaine. Erco, cocaine is okay and the government shouldn’t waste its time on stopping it.

Except that, of course, Bush is trying to stop cocaine use, too. And the results are even worse.

Ridiculous. Even the stupid should be able to see the benefits of legalizing most of these substances makes sense on many levels.

I’ve heard a bunch of times about Bush and coke. Can I get a cite?


Ummmm…from the article:

emphasis added

Forget the Cubs/Sox series, here’s a real sign of impending doom, the Clinton and Bush administrations agreed on something! :wink:

Well, then Clinton deserves as much scorn as Bush on this.

I can’t wait for the day when the police can carry out summary executions of people in possesion of drugs. If that happens, I may have to consider quiting.

Isn’t funny how both the war on drugs and the war on terrorism have morphed into a war on personal freedom?

Why does the OP target only the Bush administration?

If the object of ire is the federal government, I certainly understand.

But why just the Bush administration?

Or, what grem0517 said an hour ago.

You’re not susposed to notice.

Jack-booted Federal Drug Agent, “Say your prayers, Limbaugh. You’re going to Hillbilly Heroin Heaven.”

Maybe because of this.

Also because Bush is in a position where he can change the status quo, but has chosen to perpetuate the culture of ignorance in this country (again).

I hadn’t noticed that part of the article until after I made the OP.

Did you miss my post where I mention that Clinton deserves scorn as well for this?