Hippy Hollow is now (near) Hippie Hollow - Texas, baby!

I’ve been absent from the boards mainly because a) I just drove with Dad 2000 miles with all my worldly possessions AND MY CAR from Boston, b) I’m unpacking a bunch of boxes, and c) it’s pretty damn hot!

Having said that, it is great to be back in Texas. It really isn’t that hot, but my broken A/C unit in my car which I lived with for two years in Boston was fixed the first week I was here. I’ve been doing stuff like mowing the lawn and meeting the neighbors. But most significantly, I took of the Bay State plates and put on the Texas ones yesterday… Yee haw!

Austin traffic sucks badly during rush hours but I can jump off MoPac onto Burnet to Lamar to get to midtown pretty easily. (What is going on around 45th Street/Camp Mabry?) Neighborhood is great. Enchiladas are the bomb. Found a trivia team over at a bar on Sixth Street Wednesday nights - our first time together and we came in third!

Boston Dopers, I’ll miss ya. Looking forward to meeting up with the Austin Dopers like Uncle R and tremorviolet… one of these days!

Boston to Austin, huh? Do your new neighbors and friends accuse you of having a Yankee accent?

I guess you won’t have any trouble with that trivia question about which two state capitals rhyme, huh?

Welcome home. Lucky you missed the rain. 45th and Mabry? There’s, um, well, the Art Museum and, er, west Austin Antenna farm.

Hey, glad to have you back! :slight_smile: You missed the torrential rains from May - July 2007 out here. Get ready for the heat. Austin weather has been feeling more like Houston these past few weeks. Welcome back!

You’re back just in time for the Austin Ice Cream Festival. Git yourself some Amy’s.

They’d better not… [cracks knuckles]

Though I am greatly disturbed by the turn of events in Boston sports: Garnett and Gagne to town, so I miss that excitement. Now the Sox are skidding and the yankees are four games back. WTF?

Them’s fighting words.

The rain was a bitch, I see. My yard showed the effects of the heaven’s contribution. It was like four inches high after being cut three weeks ago!

Today was the hottest day of the year but it wasn’t that bad. Maybe because we have a/c in the house here, and we didn’t in Boston…

Hey Hippie, welcome home. As you have probably already discovered, things have changed here. On your drive out to Hippie Hollow you’ll be disappointed to see all the development out in the hills and traffic is a bigger mess than it’s ever been before.

This week you’ll want to avoid I35 and Mopac in the evenings. For some reason, TxDot figured it’d be a great idea to repave both at the same time.

On the brighter side, seek out Phil’s Burger and Billy’s Tavern, both on Burnet for some funky Austin flavor.