His and her baths in hotel rooms?

From this article talking about a BBC correspondent’s notes that reported on the Kennedy assassination:

“I knew I was in Texas when I found that my room had two baths - his and hers.”

This was at the Adolphus Hotel, which appears to be pretty high scale, but the corresponded sounded like this was some kind of Texas thing.

The 1960s was before my time, so I am asking: Was this common at all? In Texas? Only in the nicest hotels?

The 1960’s were NOT before my time, and I’ve never come across this, in Texas or anywhere else. Of course, I never stayed in 5-star hotels either. … Take that back-- actually I have a time or two.

The Motel 6 definitely does not do this. But they do leave the light on for you.

The only hotel with two baths I have ever stayed at was in the UK. Go figure.

After reading the article, I suspect the author was talking about his and her sinks, akatwin sinks. There’s nothing particularly 5-star about them; I’ve seen them in a lot of Holiday Inns and the like. By itself it would be indicative of only a slightly larger vanity area than the tiny rooms in the New York hotels the author was more familiar with.

Is it a UK thing to call sinks “baths?”

No, of course not. :rolleyes: kunilou is talking out of her(?) ass.