His head just popped right off!

My experience has shown the same, but this guy* is* on the US Amy site, and is known to be a top Ranger and Green Beret.

The front fell off.

Ummm… isn’t a warrant officer made by warrant because if he had a commission he’d be a commissioned officer.

Appointment of Commissioned Warrant Officers in the Regular Army,

I’ve noticed, in a long career of drinking, that most everybody I’ve ever met that told me that they were in Nam, was either a Marine sniper, special forces, black ops guy, or CIA. I question if a lot of these folks were ever in the military at all. I’ve had guys that were several years younger than me, tell me that they were in the Vietnam. One guy told me that he was a door gunner during the Tet offensive in 68? I was 13 in 68, and he was 5 years younger than I. The same idiot told me that he was a seal, a marine aviator, LURP, and a few other things. When somebody tells me that they were in that war, I immediately think “Bullshit”.

Yeah but if the US Army posted a website about them, I’d be less inclined to say “Bullshit”.

Read obbn’s post #4.

Except the document you linked to is titled
Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers in the Regular Army

Yes, that’s the title *of the document. *


Section III
Appointment of Commissioned Warrant Officers in the Regular Army

now now - don’t go ripping each other’s heads off!

I asked my dad who is a retired CW-5 and Chinook pilot, along with being a retired member of the 10 1st Airborne Division said he has never heard of the guy but doesn’t doubt he was military. He said this to me when I asked him about his opinion of the legitimacy of Warrior Man’s war stories

Fair I think he said he met his wife while in country.

Well, at least we only paid $1.99 for this work of fiction. I am assuming you got it from Amazon in e book format too. It was on sale last week.

I can immediately think of several that were in the military at that time. My dad was an officer driving a desk and had nothing to do with the actual fighting [at that point in time he was doing logistics] and a couple of marines, both carried guns and walked a lot - though since one guy was small and skinny they stuffed him down tunnels occasionally. My dad’s army buddies of the time were also all officers driving desks … and mrAru had an uncle who was a pilot - making deliveries to Antarctica from Australia and absolutely nothing to do with the actual war zone. Basic boring duties [OK, the marines had some interesting times, but they were basic grunt types.]

It’s NOT FICTION! Those bad guys totally killed his family in front of him, but then, inexplicably, left Mr. Green Beret, Ninja Death Dude alive, because there’s no way that it would turn out any way other than well.

I’m pretty convinced that he’s a real person whom served well and did some crazy stuff. He’s still full of shit, just like that guy that cornholed Jesse Ventura, or something.

ETA: responding to obbn.

I call dibs on NINJA DEATH DUDE for a band name!

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Well, I, for one, am pulling for you! :smiley:

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