Historical Prices of Wine/Champagne (specifically Cristal)

I’ve been trying to find a listing of the historical selling prices of two types of Champagne, Cristal and Armand de Brignac, however I haven’t had much luck. I was hoping someone on here might have that information, or could point me to a website that has it.

To give you some background on why I’m asking: back in 2006, the owner of Cristal gave an interview with The Economist. The interview didn’t go over well with the hip hop community, and many rappers decided to boycott Cristal as a result. At the same time of the boycott, Jay-Z began schilling for a new brand, Armand de Brignac. So I was curious to see what impact the boycott had on the two brands, and I figured the best way to see that impact would be to look at the selling prices prior to the boycott and then in the years since the boycott.

As I said, I haven’t had much luck finding any data. The best I’ve found is a recent article from Slate discussing how the failing economy has impacted champagne prices, with Cristal currently selling for $175 a bottle. The only other listing I’ve found is wine-searcher.com, but that lists the current price per vintage, rather than any sort of historical price changes.

Thanks for any help.

I’d be interested to find this out as well. I suspect it made no difference to the brand at all - as much as rappers like to claim otherwise, I can’t imagine Jay-Z’s audience accounts for much of the market share for Louis Roederer’s Cristal. In fact, the boycott is probably a good thing for them - part of the point of Frederic Rouzaud’s comments were that the image of rappers in football jerseys spraying Cristal over each other devalues the luxury image of the brand.

Does anyone know if the Roederer Group releases its profit-loss statements, or where to find them?

Not sales data, but some business articles on the subject: