History student navigating USA Jobs without success

I’m finishing my M.A. in History this semester, so now it’s time to get serious and find a job. I’m looking for a position either in education or historic preservation, possibly a museum job. In any case, a friend suggested I check out USA Jobs, however the site is organized terribly. What agencies should I be searching, and what would be the best keywords. So far I’ve searched museum and historian with little success. Also an suggestions for other sites would be appreciated.

Try museumjobs.com.

Here’s another link which might be helpful.

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Preservnet’s Employment Listings
A great resource for jobs in historic preservation

H-Net Job Listings
Comprehensive site for listings in education and public history

National Council on Public History
Another site with job listings for public historians

Aviso–American Association of Museum’s Job Ads
One of the best resources for museum jobs

Best of luck!

You might just want to go down to your local museum and see if they’re hiring, or know anyone who is. That’s how I got my job in the museum in which I work.

Check out Aviso and also the website for the American Association of State and Local History. Both have job listings.

If you’re serious about a museum career, start volunteering/ interning at a museum now. Folks with advanced history degrees are a dime a dozen, but job applicants with real-world museum experience are harder to find. And, as with any field, it’s as much who you know as what you know. Serve your time in the trenches as an intern/volunteer/lacky and get to know the museum professionals in your area. A recommendation from a respected professional in the field often means a lot more than a degree.