History that must have happened: The Kennedys after 11/63

So after JFK was put to rest…Not only has Jackie lost her husband, but she’s lost her home. Did LBJ say, “Stay as long as you want.”? Is there room for two families there? Did she already own a home somewhere else she could readily move into?

I would think that any President has a residence in their home state. They don’t sell that to move into the White House.

I’d think Jackie would want out of D.C. as soon as possible.

I’m sure she could live at the Hyannis Port compound as long as she needed to.

She moved out 2 weeks after the assassination. It seems a little cruel but the White House is a working home for the President and his family, and Jackie was no longer related to the President. And as others said, the White House is always a temporary residence so leaving isn’t the same as becoming homeless.

This is an interesting article talking about Jackie’s last day at the White House:


Thanks all.

She was a woman from a wealthy family that married into an even wealthier family, I imagine she had a number of houses and/or luxury apartments at her disposal.

There was always Grey Gardens.

And from that article:

She and the children stayed at the home of Ambassador Averell Harriman after they left the White House. She then bought a home in Georgetown but moved to New York City several months later.

One of the sadder images I remember from that time was a picture of a mover hauling Kennedy’s rocking chair out of the WH (IIRC, it was within a week of the assassination). It was an especially heavy “he’s really gone” gutpunch.

LBJ was an almost total jerk. However, he did treat Jackie fairly. He told her to take as long as she needed to move and to not feel pressured. He and Lady Bird semi-adopted her, which is a redeeming point in his favor and keeps me from calling him a total jerk.