hit by pitch in a home run derby?

Be warned - this is a silly question born of idle curiosity.

I was offhandedly watching the MLB Home Run Derby on TV last night, and I noticed a batter taking several pitches in a row while crowding the plate a bit. This made me wonder, has anyone ever been hit by a pitch in one of these events?

I realize that the pitchers are doing their best to lob fat, hittable balls over the middle of the plate, but it wouldn’t be impossible for one to sail wild and clip the batter.

This isn’t the sort of thing noted in official stats, but I’d imagine people would remember since it would be awfully embarrassing for the pitcher.

A batter getting beaned and then taking his base, even as a joke, would be by far the best thing ever to happen in a Home Run Derby.

It would be more embarrassing for the hitter. Ray Charles could dodge those things.

Jose Bautista wanted to be pitched inside and at one point I thought the pitcher was going to hit him, but it didn’t happen. It’s worth noting here that you don’t see major league pitchers throwing to these guys. It’s mostly minor-league coaches and guys like that (and Robinson Cano’s dad) who throw a ton of batting practice. I imagine they don’t hit guys very often.

Don’t know the current rules, but they used to pick their own pitchers. These guys were supposed to be throwing meatballs over the plate. I don’t know who’s lamer in this circumstance, the batter who got hit, or the pitcher. Either way, it’s not a home run.

Better yet, the batter charging the mound and pummeling the pitcher would get some juice into that snoozefest. I might even tune into it then. That goes for the game, too.

I’d like them to park an umpire back there and have him call strikes, which count as outs. Would definitely speed up the game.

Seemed like there was a chance for that last night. Jose Bautista is not the smile-iest guy in the best of times, but there were moments in Rounds 2-3 where he looked genuinely pissed at his pitcher.

But yeah, you’re right. That would be better than the batter just taking his base. Clear the benches! Back Back Back Back BackBackBackBackBack (goes Bautista’s fist before it flies forward into the pitcher’s face)!

It may have only been on the old b&w show, but I thought strikes did count at one time.