Hitchcock didn't have WHAT?

I just received with my usual junk mail, a booklet from the humane society of the united states full of “little known facts.” one of these “facts” is “Alfred Hitchcock has no navel (belly button.)” Ex-CUSE ME?!?! How is that possible? Is it some joke I’m missing?

My little brother has no navel…

Well, he does in the strictest sense of the word, if you mean a scar left by the removal of the umbilical cord.

But on my brother (and possibly on Hitchcock, but this is a total WAG) this scar in no way resembles the standard navel (It’s neither an “innie” nor an “outtie.” He calls it a “none-ie.”) So it is possible to have an umbilical scar that does not resemble the standard navel, perhaps this is what they mean by saying that he had no navel.

Jason R Remy

“And it could be safely said that at that moment, in the whole of India, no one, absolutely no one, was f^(king a goat.”
– John Irving A Son of the Circus (1994)

Alfred Hitchcock was Adam. Refer to Nostradmas, quatrain 2239 “Ix tech magnomious, Hitchcokious filimious under fatious unous dieious of fatiuos.” Sums it up for me.

A WAG, but perhaps Hitchcock’s navel was removed at some point as a result of some abdominal surgical operation.