Hitchcock's "Sabotage" (1936) on TCM at 8:00 tonight!

…Starring Sylvia Sydney (the old lady in “Mars Attacks”), Oscar Homolka, and John Loder.

The only strike against this one is the awful sound & print quality – at least of the version I’ve owned on VHS and DVD.

Anyway, it’s a taut, gritty thriller under its deceptively domestic-melodrama veneer (a pattern Hitch would use again, in Shadow of a Doubt).

If you’ve never caught this one before, do try it. It’s been one of my Hitchcock faves for many years…

It was based on Joseph Conrad’s Secret Agent, incidentally. I like the movie – the kitchen knife scene is famous in film classes all over the land.

This is a fine film. Without giving away too much, the plot depends on the death of a particular character which is shocking even today. (In the sense of “I can’t believe they killed so-and-so.”) There’s a scene on a bus which is full of nail-biting suspense. Don’t get it mixed up with Saboteur, which is also a fine Hitchcock film.