Hitchhikers Guide and Dire Straits

In the book where the character of Fenchurch was introdused, The Late Mr Adams ( :frowning: ) talked about seducing someone wih the aid of a Dire Straits album, and ‘the good part’ of the album. Does anyone know which album (and which part) he was referring to?

The general consensus from a quick Google search lists the song “Tunnel of Love” from the album Making Movies (though one site lists “Telegraph Road” from Love Over Gold, not particularly likely if you know the song and remember Arthur and Fenchurch at that moment)

According to Don’t Panic - The Official Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Companion:

(p. 137)

Funny that - I’ve just read Neverwhere and have only now realized from where I knew Neil Gaiman. Didn’t realize the book was out of print, either.