Hitler is a paper hanger?

Help me with this joke. From the “Burns and Allen”
radio show

Gracie: Boy I bet Hitler is sorry he is a paper hanger

George: Why

Gracie: Well with the way Berlin looks now he’d have made a lot more money as a bricklayer.

Audience laughs and laughs

I’m assuming the bricklayer reference is due to the Allied bombings reducing Berlin to a pile of bricks.

But what’s a paper hanger?

Being a failed artist, he was often “downgraded” to painter and decorator in order to make him a figure of fun. Paper hanger = one who hangs wallpaper.

From popular Irish folk sone The Liar

“It was during World War II, I met them all
There was Roosevelt and Churchill and de Gualle.
Then one day I nearly fainted
I was having my house painted
There was Hitler hanging paper in the hall.”

Argh. Here’s the word I was looking for, days after making the post: he was *lampooned * as a painter and decorator…