Hitlers assasination?

I know that there was an assasination attempt on Adolf Hitler, but what I don’t know is who was involved? I have heard some reports that “The Desert Fox” Rommel was involved but thats all I know. Could someone fill me in on this topic?

Start here. And, yes, Rommel was involved.

Click here for a site that lists 17 attempts and/or plots on Hitler’s life. The most well-known is the 1944 briefcase bombing of his HQ conference room, but I recall (and I’ve only just found the site linked so I’ve not been through it yet) another earlier one that set off a bomb in the beer hall that had been the early nazi gathering place.

Beatle, you really should go through that website, it is one of the most evil things I have seen in quite a while. It is another sickening attempt at revisionist history, trying to recast the German military as opposed to Hitler, when they were the first to hop into bed with him.

I don’t know, it got the Internet Scout Project Kids Selection award…

The German generals really didn’t like Hitler. If Hitler had failed at the Munich Conference in 1938, they had planned to depose him (and probably kill him as well later) and take over. This would have been Hitler’s first public defeat, which would have meant a dip in popularity for him, and would have given them a chance to do it. They figured he’d lose because it was in the Allies’ own best interests to stand by Czechoslovakia.
Of course, the generals also wanted to go to war with the Allies to settle the score for WWI, so they shouldn’t get too much credit.
(Note: I’m just commenting about the military/Hitler relationship as I understand it from the WWII class I’m taking this semester, not any statements made on the website. I can’t comment on the website itself because I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. It started playing sounds loudly when I loaded it and I’m on a public computer where I don’t have the authorization to access the settings to turn the speakers off. I’ll be able to comment on the site itself tomorrow when I’m at work, where I can turn the sound off.)

There was a book recently about the relationship between Hitler and his generals. After the war, the military staff spread the story that they really opposed Hitler but were unable to do anything to stop him. The book showed that most of the German command were in agreement with Hitler’s goals and plans, either because they were wholehearted supporters or because Hitler’s proposals were just fine with them. Also, as the war went on, those who were willing to oppose him were slowly forced out.

Chas, the site beatle cited doesn’t claim that the entire German military was anti-Nazi. They give the figure of two hundred officers being involved in some form of plotting. Given the tens of thousands of officers who were in the German army during this period, it’s obvious the vast majority did not resist Hitler.

Rommel’s role in the anti-Hitler plotting is controversial. It’s clear that the conspirators wanted Rommel to join them. And officers close to Rommel were active in the conspiracy. So Rommel probably was aware there was a plot in existence. But Rommel apparently remained loyal to Hitler and was never an active conspirator. I appears that the conspirators were hoping that once Hitler was dead, Rommel would bow to the inevitable and join them in forming a new government. Rommel was one of the most popular figures in Germany and his public support would be very useful.