Hitman 2016: Enter a World of Assassination

I waited a long time for this. It was worth it. Only problem is I ripped through the available content, completed 90% of the challenges, explored every pixel of the three levels, and now I have to wait for the next level to be released.

Overall the game is brilliant, IMO. If you were a fan of the series before you will not be disappointed. It took what was the major improvement of Absolution, specifically the simpler contextual controls, and applied it to the wide-open gameplay model of all the other games.

The main levels are humongous, based on the size of the Paris level and what I’ve seen of the upcoming ones. The pending Italy level looks like a whole town!

They’ve clarified the whole disguise mechanic; instead of it basically being a mystery who’ll see through your current disguise or not, you get a handy white dot floating above the heads of the ones who do. Some purists might consider that “cheating,” and I can certainly see that point, but for more casual players it’s a pretty big help.

Along those lines there is a ton of hand-holding by default, but you can turn off as much or as little of that stuff as you want.

There do seem to still be some issues, like getting “seen” doing something nefarious by someone who couldn’t possibly have seen you, like they’re outside in the parking lot and somehow see you dragging a body down in a basement room with no windows, but I’d imagine that’s stuff that will get fixed eventually, and in the meantime you can save freely so it’s usually not a huge deal.

I’ve read complaints about the triggered events, but I’ve not experienced any issues with that.

Anyone else playing this?

Glorious demonstration of the NPC AI.