HIV passed threw blood

I’m just curious, how much HIV+ blood does one need to come in contact with in order to contract the virus? For example, say I’m hanging with a friend who is HIV+, and they accidentally cut off their index finger (say we’re hanging out with a table saw). Now, if I have a small cut on my hand (nothing deep), but pick up the finger to put it on ice and call the paramedics, am I at high risk, or am I pretty much safe? How much of the virus is enough to turn into full blown HIV? The way things are made out, it seems that if one little virus gets into your body, you’re screwed, but I can’t believe it’s that bad if they’re testing innoculations. Anyone got some extensive knowledge they’d care to share?

IANA doctor but HIV can’t survive outside of the human body for very long, though in the scenario you described there is certainly a possibitly you could contract HIV if your friend blood got into your open cut. In this situation the hospital would almost certainly adminster anti-HIV treatment straight away that should get rid of the virus (as long as treatment is received quick enough).

From the CDC:

In your scenario there is probably a higher risk of transmission because of the amount of blood and the open wound on your hand but unless the blood splashes directly on your cut you’re probably OK. If this happens, try to remember to pick up the finger with the palstic bag you’re going to use to transport the finger to the hospital. Wash your hands thoroughly ASAP and speak to your doctor to better assess the risk. Your doctor may put you on a prphylactic course of AZT or another anti-HIV drug just to err on the side of caution.

Alrighty then. Thanks for the info.