Hmm. Maybe We Ought to be Giving NASA a LOT More Money

Spock! Help me, Spock!

If Star Trek [del]dorks[/del] fans can get NASA to name a shuttle in honor of the Enterprise, then methinks its time for them to start lobbying for money so NASA can build a warp drive.

Hey, I don’t want those green blooded pointy eared bastards coming over here and taking our Earth jobs!

They can stay on there own side of the Milky Way as far as I’m concerned.

I think that this is roughly equivalent to saying that the guy who lives next door to you should ‘stay there on his own side of the country as far as I’m concerned.’ In terms of the positions and distances involved.

Someone please do the math for me…“62 trillion miles” = how many light-years?

Because, if it’s reachable via SpaceTime (i.e. Einstein’s theory of relativity) then I am building a spaceship and I am outta here. Anyone else wanna join me? :cool:

I just typed in “62 trillion miles to light years” in a Google search window.

Google Calculator comes back with: 62 trillion miles = 10.5469086 light years.

Oh, Google, how I love you.

The funny thing is, according to canon, the ship was named after the shuttle. [twilight zone]doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo[/tz]

Okay, more math help needed – if we built a spaceship that could accelerate @1G towards that planet (applying reverse thrust 1/2way through the journey) how long would it take to get there? I know it would appear longer to the Earthbound observer, but I don’t know how to do the Relativistic math…

Also, how long would it take if the acceleration rate was 1.5G, or 2G?

According to this calculator, it’d take almost 5 years at 1 G, 1.5 Gees would drop it down to just under 4 years, 2 Gees gives you just over 3 years. All times are shipboard. You’d also be crowding the speed of light witin a few fractions of C. To get it down to 2 weeks shipboard time, you’d need to push some four hundred gees.


How do they know there are asteriod belts?