Hmmm... Anybody know what this Facebook scam is?

I get on FB this morning and see I have a message from a girl named Ashley. Facebook is telling me “Ashley” wants to connect with me. In the body of the message, is just a GIF of a leprechaun dancing a jig (lol).

I clicked on her profile to see if I can figure out who she is. She’s a cute girl, I’d say about 18-ish. She has ZERO friends, but her whole page is about how in love she is with her BF. Just meme after meme about how much she loves him.

So I just deleted her.
Know I know some FB scammers will pose as scantily clad women and target men to try to get them to click on whatever clickbait their trying to sell.

But this wasn’t that. Just some weird girl way too into her boyfriend. No clickbait that I could see.

Could be any number of things. Anything from someone trying to drum up followers or likes, someone trying to get a group of friends to all friend them in order to eventually friend someone with tightened privacy controls so they can view their profile (this works on the concept of 'well, she’s friends with 20 of my friends, probably just someone I don’t remember) or it could even be a hacked account.

You could do a GIS and see what that brings up.