hmmm gay marriage is legal today...listen

I was thinking about this and its 100 fact a genetic male can marry a genetic male if the male gets a operation to become a physical woman but even if physically he appears to be a woman genetically hes still a male IE transgendered males to females and females to males so if this is the case why can a normal male and another normal male marry in a way its legal right now…and can someone who is genetically both a male and a female marry either a male or female?

He/she can. It’s legal in at least two states – Kansas and Texas.

Texas law says you are legally the sex you were born. Therefore, someone born male could get a sex change operation and then marry a woman. Even though the couple would appear to be two females, Texas recognizes it as a legal marriage. It looks like there are a handful of people who have used this loophole.

See for an article on the subject.

LOL, one of the many paradoxes of gender. Just the other day I was forwarded mail from a transwoman that indulges in this particularly delicious irony…


Makes me wonder how these laws affect intersexuals?

Badly, a lot of the time. Since intersex people can be assigned more or less arbitrarily to a legal gender at birth, particularly when the physicians are not acquainted with the preferred standards of care for intersex conditions, many intersex people have ended up with legal gender completely at odds with their gender of identification, and even physical sex after surgery later in life. In districts in which legal gender cannot be changed, such people are often out of luck.