HMS Romney -- warship for the British

was stationed in Newfoundland and enforced the various tax acts during the Revolutionary War. Royal Commissioners would hide out on it to avoid patriots.

I don’t know if this has already been done. Offshore haven for taxers. Somebody please tell me this isn’t true.

Zimmerman riffs off it here.

I have no idea what the eff you’re talking about, OP. Are you suggesting that Mitt Romney is a British warship?

It isn’t true. Feel better?

I don’t know what it is that I’m telling you isn’t true, but I doubt it matters.

The relevant quote from Wikipedia, for those who don’t want to wade into the link:

For further chuckles, the Romney’s official classification in the Royal Navy was “fourth rate”.

Looking at the history of the article, the stuff about the Townshed acts was in the article as far back as 2009. So it doesn’t seem to be a case of someone vandalizing the article to make fun of the current GOP candidate.

For those that are confused: Back during the Revolutionary War, the British had a warship named “Romney” (presumably named after someone with no particular connection to the current presidential candidate). Some of the duties and actions of said warship coincidentally bear amusing parallels to those of the current candidate. This is easy fodder for cheap jokes. The OP is wondering about such jokes.

Yes, I do feel better. Doubly so.

Warships are people, my friend.

And cheap jokes are the best.

In addition to four “fourth-rate frigates” (in succession, not simultaneously), the name HMS Romney was also given to a minesweeper, J77 of the Bangor class, which served during World War II (1940-July 1946) and went into Reserve status until sold in 1950.

“Five ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Romney. The origins of the name are from the town of New Romney, although it maybe that the name entered the Royal Navy in honour of Henry Sydney, 1st Earl of Romney.”

And Obama is the name of a Japanese city:,_Fukui and a fictional Japanese female naval officer in World War II:

In fairness to the Romney, even a fourth-rate frigate outmatched anything the Continentals were able to field in the Revolutionary War. Continental Navy - Wikipedia .

You said Bangor.

The Boston connection is particularly nice.

Also: Dole is a banana, and Bush is a plant, and Ford is a car, and Roosevelt is a wedgie delivered with great force, and Nixon is a bag full of dicks.