"Hnnnyessss?" Who was that guy?!

I think this has been asked before, but I have no way of searching for something without an exact spelling …

There was this actor who did a lot of cameos, often as things like snooty waiters. His schtick was, someone would get his attention and he’d say “Hhhhhnnnnnnnyessssss?” in a kind of fruity voice. I know I’ve seen him do that in a bunch of different TV shows and movies, and even heard him in some radio shows, but I can’t for the life of me nail down exactly where. I’m pretty sure he showed up at least once in the original Batman TV series.

I’ve scoured IMDb, I’ve harrassed my mother, I’ve asked my friends, nobody can remember his name or exactly where they’ve seen/heard him. Who was that guy?!

Gah. RIGHT as I hit the “submit” button, one of my friends identifies him as Frank Nelson. Figures, doesn’t it?

His name was Frank Nelson. He was most famous for The Jack Benny Show and later Sanford & Son, though he made quite a few movies as well (the last one, regrettably, The Malibu Bikini Shop.

Oh, rheeeeeeeeeallllllllly!

So to hijack, who was the Clifton-Webb-like guy who often portrayed an officious mgmt type & always concluded his statements with a POP ?

Homer: Why do you keep talking like that?

Waiter: I had a stroooooooooke!

Fritz Feld, who was at one time married to Virginia “Mrs. Folger” Christine.

Feld, btw, probably holds the record for most guest appearances as the same character on the 60s “Lost in Space” series, as intergalactic department store manager “Mr. Zumdish”–although in his last appearance he had left the department store gig to become an intergalactic travel agent.

Karl Wiedergott does the character voice on The Simpsons that is an homage to Frank Nelson.

[sarcastic Frank Nelson style voice]
That was Frank Nelson ???
Oh reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllyyyyyyyyyy ???
I could have sworn it was Laurence Olivier !!!
[/sarcastic Frank Nelson style voice]

Yes he and Fritz Feld were great at playing pompous, officious characters.