Ho Chi Minh City

What should I see and do? Gonna be there for a work off site. Probably have 1/2 a day free. Interested in the tunnels of Chu Chi but am claustrophobic…

Eat at Bo Tung Xeo (31 Ly Tu Trong St). Get a big fire-spewing grill delivered to your table (everyone else does). Order beef. You probably won’t need anything else except beer.

Ho Chi Minh City is vibrant. It’s also exquisitely ugly. Don’t look for sights. Look for fun. District 1 has most of the main stuff. Go to Cho Lon to get a different handle on things - it’s the city’s Chinese quarter. Get yourself a decent taxi driver, and stick with him - you’ll get the best of the city for a reasonable price. He’ll turn the meter off while you do stuff, and in return, you bring him along with you for meals, entertainment, and the like. You both win.

If you possibly have time, Vietnam’s beauty is a short drive away from HCM’s concrete grittiness.

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