Hoarders season premiere starts tonight - Jun 20th

I’ve just started watching…

The doll lady is bizarre.

Oh my God, that old lady…I can’t even begin to imagine the thought process that someone has to go through to justify to themselves that it’s perfectly ok to literally sleep in a pile of garbage, used-adult diapers, and jugs of urine, and climb over said pile everyday to go outside to take a shit, because now you’ve even abandoned the idea of using diapers.

Also, she eats Cheese Nips, and that’s nasty…Cheese-Its are clearly superior.

Edit: She’s almost certainly got some form of dementia, now that I think about it…it also explains the Cheese Nips.

The religious poop-outside lady is soooo sick.

Two blatant cases of blame-shifting. Doll woman’s son is concerned about his disabled brother; mom hears it as “He’s telling me what to do!” Other woman sh!ts in plastic bags, and when her son steps on one of them and ruptures it, it’s the fault of those darn flimsy bags.