Hobbies that take up alot of time

What kinda weird things do you like to do? I’m so bored and I can’t think of anything to do except work out, which as you know can be tiring when its your only hobby :smiley:

Read… Wait. That’s not weird. Or is it?

the SDMB. DOH…


make chainmail,
paint little lead men&women&things
Make cards for a game called Talisman

The rest of the stuff I do with my time is really normal.

You could always try tatting…

I was in the Society for Creative Anachronism for a while… that’s nice and engaging, entertaining, and, depending on how deeply you get into it, can be very time-consuming.

Magic. I’m a part-time professional magician. Besides practicing, which takes up enough time itself, the conventions I attend almost always cut into my “regular” time.

Any hobby can easily expand to take up all your free time plus ten percent. (Hobbies are governed by the same law of physics that deals with closet space.)

I sew clothing, which has the nice advantage that you can tell everyone you’re doing something “productive” :cool:

A list of my lame hobbies:

  1. Knitting
  2. Jewelry making
  3. Guitar lessons
  4. Training my puppy

I was thinking of taking up candle making. I like to make things that I can wear or use. Kind of fun. Taking up a musical instrument can be very time consuming.


Restoring TR-7s takes a lot of time.
Scuba diving takes a lot of money.

Now I pretty much spend both on The Littlest Doper[sup]TM[/sup]

Try flying. Especially helicopters.

Diving took up too much time. I had to drive from Lancaster to Oxnard/Ventura in the wee hours, get on a dive boat and sail for a couple of hours, wait in line when my tank was empty, dive a little, and make the long trip home. An all-day event for just an hour or two of diving. When I fly it only takes about four hours home-to-home for a 90 minute flight.

I don’t seem to have time for hobbies lately, but things I’ve done that take a lot of time are: building models, making form-fit leather holsters for my blackpowder revolvers (and the ex-g/f’s Ruger .22), working on films and videos, shooting, and of course flying helicopters. (With the newly-restricted airspace, I may have to switch back to airplanes and get my instrument rating.)

Lately I’ve been reading.

Throw in my vote for the SCA and any of the associated activites like chainmail, illumination, costuming and armor building.

Time and money consumption at it’s finest.

What I’ve done to deal with an excessive amount of copious free time:

painting miniatures
computer gaming
learning a musical instrument
having kids
go to night school

computer gaming
Magic: The Gathering
occasionally paint fantasy miniatures and make model terrain, but haven’t done that in a couple of years.

Most everything else I do is normal.

Competitive robotics.

Kicks ass.

And improv, though I get paid for that, occasionally :wink:

Models: Cars, figures, tanks. Mostly figures lately, in 1/24 scale. Gotta watch the buying kits, though, I’m completely out of space for storage…

Cars: '64 Rambler convertible that needs new door seals. Have the parts,; it’s my Winter project.

Nooooo! Feeeear it! Feeeear it!

Actual tatting aside, I spend way too much time pawing through bargain bins at antique stores looking for shuttles.

Jones’s Law. “Any amount of space, time, or resources devoted to soemthing will expand to include all space, time and resources available, plus ten percent.”

I make quilts, crochet, cook, hike, and take care of my son. Although the kid part isn’t really a hobby, it takes care of most of my time.
That, and I spend way too much time at the SDMB. Good thing I do it at work.
Podkayne, do you have any pictures of your work?

I have a horse, that takes up a ton of time even though I have her on full board (that means I’m not responsible for her day to day care).

Any type of theater or performing arts takes up scads of time.

Pottery, to be any good, requires hours of practice so that takes up a lot of time. Lots of communities have art centers that offer classes.

Any instrument, again, requires lots of practice.