Hobbit Movie - Rate From 5 Stars to No Stars (NO SPOILERS!)

I know there is another thread about the new Hobbit film, but as to be expected, is it quickly turning into a discourse of nitpicks. This is a simple thread - rate the film on the basis of 5 Stars (great film, go see it!) to no stars (sucks, avoid at all cost).

Just thought this might be an easier/better thread to determine how people liked or disliked the film and sway others to see/not see the film.

This poll is just about the film - not comparing it to the book. I know that might seem like an impossibility - but many people have not read the book and seem to like it (or dislike it) for what it is, and others who have read the book can try to rate this film as something other than a word-for-word, action-for-action presentation of the book.

Please - NO SPOILERS for anyone who has not read the book or has read the book and might not know which parts of the book are represented and how.

The Rating Scale:
5 Stars = great film, absolutely go see it on the big screen!
4 Stars = good film, worth seeing.
3 Stars = OK but you can wait for DVD or cable to see it.
2 Stars = so-so at best.
1 Star = forget it, don’t bother ever watching it.
No Star = this film sucks and you should avoid at all costs.