Hockey is coming back!

Well, it looks like Toronto/Edmonton. Dallas’ first game is on Aug 3 vs. the Knights. Good luck, everybody!

Okay, so the plans are in place to have the 2020 playoffs. I’m still not convinced that they will go forward without a great deal of difficulty as players will likely test positive at some point.

I think it is a huge mistake to make any of the series, other than the final, 7 games. I think that is too much hockey in too short a time for players who haven’t been training for months.

Also, and equally important- what is the plan for the 2021 season? It will have to be abridged to some degree since the Cup finals aren’t likely to start until the same week that the regular season usually starts. So, are we going to have the full set of playoffs end and then get the players what a month break before starting the next season? That just seems like a bad idea to me. Come February or so the Cup finalists are going to be burned out.

last I heard is the league is tentatively planning for next season to start in December.

My WAG is that next season starts Jan 1 with a non Winter Classic, that’ll allow the NBA to start on Christmas Day.

Kinda makes sense as hockey doesn’t get too much attention outside of Canada until you get into January anyway and the NFL regular season wraps up

Yeah, the January 1st start makes sense, a way for the league to hype up the start of the new season. The NBA started on Christmas Day back in 2011-12, when the season was shortened due to a lockout.

Schedules are out! Rangers/Canes will be first, 8/1 at noon. There will be five or six games per day at the beginning. So much hockey. Can’t take it…

Isles/Rangers play an exhibition game on 7/29. Those games are always hard fought.

Every team in the Central Division is making the playoffs. Everyone in the Metro except for the Devils.

Anyway, just a couple of weeks to go!

ETA: Here’s the schedule:

I assume the NHL will have to do some black lives matter nonsense, but hopefully it’s just a patch on the jersey and not the insanity of the NBA.

I still want to know what the plan is for next season. How long a break will there be after the Stanley Cup and how many games will it be?

I suspect that there aren’t any firm plans yet, as there’s a fair degree of uncertainty as to whether this restarted season will actually be completed.

I’g guess that the reason for that is TV revenues. The NHL is probably thinking that, “We’ve lost American fans this time of year, but Canadians will watch hockey at any time of year. Thus, the more games we play, the more advertising we can sell in Canada.”

I’m not sure how well that will work. I cannot speak for the rest of Canada, but right now, I and very few of my sports-loving friends in Canada want to watch hockey. It’s just not a summertime game to watch on TV in July. We are looking forward to the return of MLB in the coming week, and we want to hear what’s happening as far as football goes (CFL and NFL), but we’ve stopped caring about the 2019-2020 hockey season.

The more things change the more they stay the same…Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka resigns ahead of postseason.

The disfunction continues in Arizona where there seems to have been somewhere between zero and terrible communications between the GM and owner. Also, got to love how the team throws Chayka under the bus

“John Chayka has quit as the General Manager and President of Hockey Operations of the Arizona Coyotes. The Club is disappointed in his actions and his timing as the Coyotes prepare to enter the NHL’s hub city of Edmonton, where the team will begin post-season play for the first time since 2012,” said the team in a statement. “Chayka has chosen to quit on a strong and competitive team, a dedicated staff, and the Arizona Coyotes fans, the greatest fans in the NHL.”

Damn!! Can someone just take that team to the back of the barn and shoot it, like the old version of the SDMB??

I watched the Washington vs Carolina exhibition. Two goals for Ovie.

Hockey in August is really weird, but I’ll take it. I hope they manage to keep everyone safe.

And away we go! Full day of hockey today and tomorrow!

the fake crowd noise is somewhat convincing, but lost it when there was no ruckus during that fight. I bet the league insisted on that.

Heh, funny seeing a goal scored a couple days ago, where there was a moment of uncertainty: announcer Chris Cuthbert announced “scores!”; the cheering track came on; but then Cuthbert said “or wait a minute, did it go in?”; cheering track stops; then Cuthbert goes “it is in the net!” as Hellebuyck lifts up his pads, inside the crease (with puck under him); cheering track comes back on again.
Luckily (heh for Sportsnet) that the actual amount of time elapsing between the stopping and re-starting of cheering track was very short (still hilariously noticable, though).
Still see a lot of (understandable) rust to work out - funny seeing McDavid make a completely way-off pass, and as jz78817 pointed out - hockey over July/August is a bit…off…but, yeah, doable.
So far the bubble set-ups in Edmonchuk and TO look promisingly secure and organizined - let’s hope no outbreaks happen.
Still feels all slightly “whirlwindy” to me, kinda.

No clue wherelse to post this (but yeah it does need to be somewhere, obviously) - cool seeing some Las Vegas Knights kneeling during the anthem. First time I’ve seen white folk doing this (and one of the kneelers used to be a Trump supporter, apparently).

That is pretty cool.

The Isles are up, 2-0! Teams that were down by two are 1 and 55 (the one was…the Islanders back in the '80s).

The Rangers are down 0-2, against the Hurricanes. The 'Canes look great right now.