Hockey is coming back!

the only thing not announced today is the 2 host cities, 1 in east, the other in the west. The pairings are set.

also each team will play 2 exhibition games

Would they even be able to celebrate, though? Okay, you win the Stanley Cup, but can’t hold a parade. Can you even have your day with the Cup? Hell, you probably won’t even be allowed to kiss the damned thing.

I don’t know, it seems like it would be kind of anti-climatic.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I really want to watch hockey again. But it seems like it would be such a let down. And would they even be able to keep things from spreading? I’m just skeptical.

Just declare the 2019/2020 season off. I know that we Canadians are supposed to go bugshit over hockey, but I have no interest in hockey in July or August. Just call the season off, and don’t try to make us interested in some kind of “playoffs,” when we sports fans are more interested in MLB (please let the Blue Jays play at some point this season), and NFL in the fall.

After hockey from September to June, counting exhibition games, in a normal season, where we get TV coverage of two games a day and three on weekends, most often between teams we don’t care about (Nashville vs. Phoenix–you really think this holds Canadian fans’ attention? Seriously?), I say “fuck hockey.” As a Canadian, I’m not going to go bugshit over it. And 24 teams in a playoff in a 30-team league? That’s not a championship; that’s Little League. Gary Bettman, you are a money-grubbing thug. I am one Canadian who will not watch your stupid, ill-advised, unnecessary, unneeded, hockey games. Fuck you, and fuck hockey.

If MLB can’t get their act together, then perhaps these late season NHL and NBA will get attention.

But this almost sounds like an admission that both NHL and NBa know their regular seasons are too long and that only the most devoted fans are paying attention until the NFL and college football winds down. They’d probably love to start their seasons around Christmas or New Years but the financial considerations make that impossible.

What does it matter when they play since it’s indoors? Why is hoops in summer olympics when it’s a winter sport most places. In the US college swimming is winter/spring but it is in summer olympics too. Probably because the IOC wants popular sports in summer games. Only ice and snow sports are in winter olympics.

It matters because, despite being indoors, it is much harder to maintain the ice in a rink in a warm climate than a cool one. If they are playing games in July and August in Vegas, the players are going to be skating through slush.

Basketball was invented as a sport to fill in the time up north where it wasn’t practical to give kids outdoor exercise. Hockey grew up on frozen ponds and lakes. I assume basketball is in the summer Olympics because it’s not done on snow and ice. Same reason as soccer even though both are winter sports in most of the northern hemisphere.

What does it matter where a sport started? Does that mean nobody outside the US should play Basketball , baseball, or FB because all 3 were invented here? And they were all invented in the Northeast US. Is it OK those 3 sports are played in all 50 states now and foreign countries?

The NHL announced today that all rounds after the play-in will be best of seven. They also announced reseeding for each round except the finals. Regular season percentage will determine the designated home team for the finals.

When asked about refunds for the 8 games not played we were told by our rep that the season was officially paused not cancelled. That answer was given yesterday.

Most teams said they are refunding regular season games not played. You can get money back or take a credit towards next season. I am taking the credit and I think most people are . Are you a Caps fan since you are in VA? I’m a Canes fan.

Yes, Caps fan. I expect the same options but found it amusing that they were still saying “suspended” at this point. Of course, that was just an admin ticket rep so he might not have had the latest.

I assume that is a soft way to let the fans of the floundering and bankrupt teams(i.e. the 12 people who have Coyotes season tickets) that they are probably screwed.

Funny how when a team is bad and fans stay home it shows the fans are smart. But for other teams such as Arizona, when fans stay home for a bad team they are bad fans. Can anyone explain that ?

If that is a response to me, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. If was In Arizona, I sure as hell wouldn’t have any commitment to a team that has no commitment to itself, or the area.

I dunno, I’ve never subscribed to that theory.

If a team lacks support that is 100% the responsibility of the team or the league. It is, without exception, zero percent on the fans. They’re the customers and it’s their choice what to spend their money on. Blaming a customer for not wanting to buy a particular product is lunacy.

I think it’s not whether the fans are “bad” or not, but it’s all about the team’s prospects, and what ownership and management is doing. The Coyotes have been in precarious financial situations for quite some time and it’s not unreasonable that fans might see the team being in limbo what with all of the ownership turmoil. If there’s no “path to greatness” then people lose interest.

on the other hand, the Red Wings have been basement dwellers for a few seasons now, yet attendance at home games (I went to almost every one this season) has been pretty good considering their record. 'cos fans know the Ilitches are committed to the team, and that their current state is mostly due to the retirement of their on-ice leaders after the Stanley Cup run, and some questionable contracts they can’t really get out of.

Red Wings fans can still remember the Red Wings winning championships fairly recently - their last Cup was just twelve years ago, a short break in modern pro sports terms. Sustained success builds fan loyalty and trust that will last through bad years.

Coyotes fans have never had a Cup winner. They’ve only once even made it to a conference final. It’s been a really miserable time for anyone in Phoenix who tried getting into the Coyotes.

Of course, it helps that Michigan and southwestern Ontario have generations-long hockey traditions, but hockey’s succeeded in odd markets where the fans were given a quality product. The Nashville Predators do very well, and Nashville is not only in a non hockey place, it’s like a third the size of Phoenix.

Looks like 2 sites are Las Vegas and Toronto but for Toronto they have to get permission from various governments so it’s not a done deal. NY teams and Carolina headed to Vegas as is Toronto since teams cannot play at home.

Vegas is a given but this is the first I’ve heard about Toronto. Might make it messy with adding another country with different restrictions for entering.

I’d have thought Florida or Tampa Bay for the East, loosest restrictions I can think for the Eastern conference.