NHL season begins Jan 13 with new divisions

I didn’t see this posted anywhere else …

An abbreviated 56-game NHL season begins Jan 13. Because of cross-border issues due to COVID, American teams will be organized into East, Central, and West divisions of 8 teams each, while Canadian teams will be in a North division with 7 teams. It’s not clear how the playoffs will be handled.

Call me crazy, but this North division might just be the spark the league has needed for ice hockey to catch on in Canada.

The Caps signed Henrik Lundqvist earlier this year (who will sit out with a heart condition), and now have picked up Zdeno Chara. They seem to be either building a collection of late 00s stars, or they’re building a museum.

Only, what, three weeks after the NBA started its season. Typical NHL bumbling but at least they will start. Be grateful for small favors when Gary Bettman and Don Fehr are involved.

Four teams from each division; the first two rounds will be within divisions (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 in the first round). Once each division’s playoff winner has been determined, they will be paired in the semi-finals based on regular season points (again, 1 vs 4, and 2 vs 3).

So, it seems that the NHL is selling the naming rights to the four divisions for this year - Story. I guess the teams need to make some money after zero attendance for the playoffs.

I just hope it is only one year.

Lol, one year only? Right.

If you are going to sellout, make sure they are buying.

From this thread:

Like Thornton in Toronto, it’s likely ZC might be playing just one more season. Still, fine little deal.
Stoked on the North division - everyone will be playing each other so much, it’ll get good n’in your face by about mid-way through the season. :white_check_mark:
Concerned, though, when calling up farm players from the AHL, crossing the border, having to quarantine for (I think) seven days, which, in turn, will so utterly screw up team scheduling, especially in regard to the sidelining (or returning) injured players.
Could get slightly chaotic and by-the-seat-of-the-pants at points.
Hope Gritty dude got covid.

At the World Juniors right now Canada is rocking ass - possibly our best line-up since 2005. Missing our two top players and curbstomping everyone, outscoring’em 41-4.

It’s gonna be a gold medal Showcase Showdown between us and those horrible fucking Americans!!!

Well then.
Not sure what variety of crow I should be ordering.
Hey, congrats to the US team - a deserved win.

Perhaps outscoring other teams 41-4 and jumping in front of the Russians in the first minute hurt Team Canada. I wouldn’t say it made them over confident but sometimes you need a test to prevail later on. Especially when your opponent plays a shutdown defense keeping you on the outside.
Great WJC by all involved.

The Pens are going to have the PPG logo on their helmets this season – word is they’re trying to recoup the losses from this past season. Pens fans are really hoping it’s only for THIS season.


I understand your discontent; it’ll probably become a thing elsewhere, too.


Opening game of season



yeah, you…

Yup, my glorious Flyers against your dastardly Penguins. Should be lots of fun, with more “familiarity”, let’s say, than in previous seasons, with these bubbled divisions. :smile:

Want to buy a bridge? This shit is here to stay for all teams

Already a team (Stars) have to delay their start, by four days, due to Covid. Six players. Two staff.

I didn’t realize until just now that you only play teams in your division for the regular season. So, 8 Isles/Rangers games, 8 Pens/Flyers games. I think this is fantastic, actually – as an Isles fan, I’m not all that interested in Isles/Jets games, but I’ll definitely watch a Caps/Bruins game (as long as it’s not conflicting with an Isles game, of course).

Makes sense from a COVID perspective and should really get those rivalries going!

Yeah, they’re doing basically what baseball did and keeping all games in a general area, makes sense in a Covid world plus no issues with U.S.A. teams having to enter Canada.

I do like seeing the infrequent matchups in normal years. I know time zones can be a bitch and an Isles fan in New York isn’t likely to stay up on a Tuesday night to watch them play at Vancouver

Except, as referenced in an earlier post, when players are called up from farm teams.
Caught snippet of Bettman i-view just now and confirmed that fortunately only Dallas has covid issues.

NBCSN will be showing the Hawks/Bolts game tonight. Go Blackhawks!