Hoe you know you've had too much too drink.

You start ttrying to wash the toilet with your piss streem.

I LOVE this thread title. I initially read it with some additional punctuation: “Hoe, you know you’ve had too much to drink.”

When the hoes look like dogs,and you try to pet them.

Your posting takes a 50 point dive in IQ.

Hoe, you know you’ve had too much to drink wen you start ttrying to spill.

Hahaha me too. I was all “Aw HELL nah!” and I couldn’t wait to hear the story. Talk about disappointing.

weh u loose ur abilty two rite well.

Hoe, you know you’ve had too much to drink…
when you try to step to me and not give me my damn money.

The thread title sounds like the end of a girls’ night out gone wrong. Like something you’d say to your friend while holding her hair back as she pukes into the trash can outside El Torito after too many Cadillac margaritas. “Hoe, you know you’ve had too much to drink!”

Wow. Boooze and Dance Central really send me for a loop!

I do that when I’m sober. Hard water leaves marks.

When I start pining for the fjords.

And for my monkey butler.

“Hoe, you KNOW you’ve had too much to drink!”

If dirty want his money, I think you all should give him his money!

I’ll let you know in about 90 minutes.

The whole spinning-room thing when I lie down or close my eyes.

I don’t know.

This has been the topic of many conversations at my house. :wink:

According to a sign in a pub somewhere in Sydney:
“You know it’s time to go home when our barmaids start looking pretty”.

You know you’ve overdone it when you wake up the next day at 4PM, you’re still hungover, and you don’t remember any of the party past 1AM. Orz.

" Hoe you know you’ve had too much too drink."

Terminal inability to shut the fuck up, even as what’s left of your brain is quite positive that these people don’t need to know more about <insert embarrassing information here>.

an seanchai

I know a hoe done had it when I start rappin’.