Hold on..Todd Carney was doing what?!

3 questions-
why would you urinate into your own mouth?

Why was someone taking a photo -Carney was photographed in the bathroom of Cronulla nightclub.
Why would you want this photo published on social media?

Is this some kind of game?

Wanna bet alcohol was involved?

Rugby player.
Bet canceled.

Rugby League. There is a difference (albeit an increasingly small one).

It is amusing that opinion pages around Australia are full of moral panic about “bubbling” now.

Because it’s there.

Urine therapy

If you believe it apparently it’s a ‘thing’, particularly in the skater community. But that opinion came from a skater, and I doubt the accuracy of it myself.

According to Carney, he didn’t actually pee in his mouth. It’s part of the ‘trick’ too look like it. Take that with a grain of salt though.

The story is a mate of Carney’s took the photo, texted it to his brother, who lost his phone. The implication being, someone found the phone, looked through the photos and posted that one online.

What is it with leaguies (and particularly ex Canberra Raiders) and social media mishaps?

We’ve had Joel Monaghan molesting a dog, Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson drinking girlie drinks on the roof while skipping training and now Carney and the bubbler.

I’m not sure that his manager’s pleas that it was an optical illusion and no urine entered his mouth really help much.

In the Raiders defence, it may seem that way simply because the Raiders are one of a handful of clubs which do a disproportionate amount of junior development.

Few points in general;

  • I think it’s easy to recall all the bad incidents, but that’s just because they get all the media attention. The national news isn’t going to report on this players visiting a hospital, or that player establishing a charity - nature of the media beast.

  • And that leads into the fact that in any group/profession, you’re going to have boofheads and idiots who do the wrong thing, and like it or not these players become role models and persons of interest who’s actions get blown out of proportion, so that the small number of miscreants acting up get more headlines.

  • I don’t think it’s just the Leaguies either, AFL has it’s fair share of ‘incidents’. I believe it comes down to modern professional sport (in Aust certainly), in that you have these young kids, (a young as 13) on ‘scholarships’, being told how good they are, I wouldn’t be surprised to see their ‘minor infractions’ being dealt with softly or overlooked in their younger years. Then once they hit top grade, you have teenagers and young 20 somethings being paid $100k+ per year and a lot of free time. So the small number of players who can’t handle that responsibly really go off the rails.

Not that I’m defending Carney in any of this, he is a tool and deserves what he is now getting. This is a guy that even before this, had been sacked from two clubs, and had been issued two warnings from the Sharks, and he’s now kissed $600k+ a year goodbye.

Maybe he’d had a jellyfish sting him on his tongue?

A lot of the guys who get into these problems are from really problematic backgrounds. If you know anyone from Goulburn they wouldn’t be surprised how Todd Carney turned out. No one from Mackay would be surprised by Ben Barba’s troubles. When Blake Ferguson filled out his details form after making the NSW team he couldn’t name a next of kin.

The clubs do an awful job of managing their young talent. Maybe they never bother looking into their background but I’m sure that nowadays it should be easy to find out what kind of family a guy is from.

I recall when the Melbourne Storm started out with Chris Anderson coaching them he used to make unannounced early morning visits to the young players shared accommodation. He would take the club’s fitness and health professionals and check how the guys were eating and keeping the place. He could check who was up and about and who was hungover.

How would you urinate into your own mouth?

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