holiday/get togther cooking with relatives and friends

Since its time for the hell of the holidays I thought Ive wondered about if peoples experience matched mine …

the one relative who cooks the same thing for every gathering wether its 40 below or 140 out side

or the elderly relative who hasn’t been able to cook in 30 years that brings the 5 year old half frozen bag of glazed carrots

oh and the new wife/girlfriend who cant cook much more than hamburger helper tries the 30 dollar cookbook and messes it all up ( though its more edible that 40 percent of the table)

or like my one friend has a great aunt that makes some disgusting jello thing that every one takes some and then dumps when she isn’t looking

so give me the triumphs and horror stories …

It’s September here; what month is it on your planet?

A friend had a huge thanksgiving family dinner, with various matriarchs doing the turkey for “their” table. Eight tables, eight turkeys.

My friend and everyone at her table ended up in the ER (food poisoning). The gramma who made the turkey for that table believed that infectious gastroenteritis spread amongst them since they sat close to each other.

around here they begin moving things around around for Halloween and its decorated by he 5th of October then nov for thanksgiving decorations and then Christmas … then theres valentines day depending on the mood of kidlets then st pats day … although the spring holidays depend on when easter falls

“The Holidays” is Thanksgiving through New Years. I’m dreading them as much as you are, but they’re not here yet.

well I didn’t mean winter holidays specifically but …

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are coming right up.