Holiday Glurge

We’re all going to be getting it, so I thought maybe we could create a thread to share it and poke fun at it. Here’s todays:

The part that really was kind of a slap was the boldedt part :“I did not do this for you.” WTF? And who is she to say God is working through her…does she know God’s intimate heart?

Any others?

I am much more forgiving of glurge than others. I actually liked this quote:

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will close the damn door.

Ugh. The Holiday glurdge I got was about some kid who had to haul wood over to the poor/starving/widowed lady back in the 1800’s. I was pretty amazed that the person in the 1800’s had internet access.

It was horse driven.

Who is she? She’s someone that did a nice thing, because she apparently believed that God was workiing through her.

Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. I don’t believe a hostile reaction to her perception that he was is particularly warrented, though. She did something nice. If she believed Marvin the Martian was pleased with her efforts, so what?

Ooooook, Bricker, baby. I just thought it was a bit rude, that’s all.

Any act of charity that comes with a sermon of any kind has, I think, the potential to be seen as rude. Ideally, people would give selflessly, because it’s the right thing to do, and not feel the need to add a commercial attachment to their giving… even a commercial that’s for a non-profit, if you will. (Or even one that’s for a prophet, if you’ll pardon my punniness.)

But I guess I see it this way… having been in charge of coordinating volunteers for verious and sundry charity efforts before, if I have a choice of charity-with-a-commercial, or no charity at all… I’ll take the charity-with-a-commercial. People’s motives vary greatly, but in the end it’s more important to put food into stomachs or (as I’m trying to get handled this week) blankets into the hands of people that refuse to go to shelters. I’ve got a group that wants to hand out tracts (not the Chick variety) with their blankets. Good. More people, more blankets distributed. I’m not in a position to critique their tracts.

See what I mean?

Bricker, you’re over-analyzing a bit. We don’t even know if the story in the OP was true, where it came from, or anything. Some girl sent it to me on my work e-mail in GIANT PURPLE FONT and so I was just complaining about that. As well as the fact that it’s a sappy silly story and the woman comes off as boasting…if you’re going to do something kind, shut up about it and don’t e-mail it to all and sundry. Just do it.

Anyway I think real charity is going out and doing something not e-mailing people silly glurges!

I would’ve thought true friends would’ve wiped their feet first.

No one, but no one, actually takes a course in sociology and comes out full of this sort of god-glurge. I call bullshit.

That’s what I didn’t like about it. It was a self-congratulatory wankfest. “The homeless men were so disgusting that everyone backed away. But not me. Because I’m better than all those other heartless people. And who was generous enough to buy them food? That’s right, moi. What the hell have you done for the homeless lately, hmmm?”

I haven’t been a believer for years, but I remember something in the New Testament about, when doing charitable works, don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.

I got this one last week. And was just as annoyed with it then as everyone else is. Bleh. Between these and the religiously-inspired flash websites that I keep getting, I think I’m going to be sick.

The entire business model of the place I work is based on that principle.

:eek: Not on our fudge!

She goes into all that God business, but she doesn’t go to church? Tell me another one.

I would offer the following improvement: