Holland vs. Scotland

Well done to Latvia, anyway.

I guess I’m supporting Spain in the tournament … again.

I just watched some of the highlights on ESPN, and was wondering how much Holland paid Tampa Bay for their old uniforms.

Hey, you watch it! We’ve been playing in orange since… well, since about the 60’s or something. Besides, it’s our royal colour, so you can stick your Tampa Bay where the sun don’t shine. :wink:

Just as a reference, here’s the old Tampa uni. Combine it with orange bottoms and you get a team that looks like 300 pound creamsicles running around the turf. That’s all I could think of when I was watching Holland.

It could be worse, though. Juventus made it to the second round of ESPN.com’s Worst Uniform Bracket before being bounced by Australia’s women’s basketball team. Who I suspect is about to beat out Oregon football and advance to the quarterfinals.

Wow, I had to double-check there. They were referring to Juve’s reserve uniform, not their regular one. Which is one of the prettiest in the world, IMHO (player on the left).

for more info on the Dutch and their history of success and failure, try this book, Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutcfh Football

From the Amazon review

"In Brilliant Orange–the neurotic genius of Dutch football, journalist David Winner explores his personal fascination with the land that gave the world Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Johan Cruyff–searching for reasons why such a tiny country has produced some of football’s most intelligent, enigmatic and unfulfilled teams.

Winter talks with the players, past and present–including Johnny Rep and Ruud Krol from the losing World Cup Final sides of 1974 and 1978–uncovering their personal experience of the public triumphs and disasters. But it is the breadth of his enquiry into what it may mean to be Dutch–reconciling a colonial past with a multi-cultural present; living with the memories of wartime occupation and collaboration; the tensions between a fiercely individualistic, libertarian spirit and the principles of communality–that makes this such an extraordinary and wonderful book

Maybe Holland just uses their uniforms to blind their opponents?

I don’t normally watch footie, but the Dutch team were playing like they had the ball velcro’d to their feet and I had to watch in sheer admiration. Very deft indeed.

The morning-after pundits noted that but for the crossbar the Scots would have faced an equalling of their worst rout ever (7-0 vs Uruguay). I forget the year, but it was pointed out that it was in the days when Scottish goalies were known to, erm, supplement their incomes in novel and not entirely ethical ways. Hmmm…

I refuse to think about this game any longer. The game was totally brutal. Nothing good ever comes from Scotland defeating Holland. Last time, the lads turned around and lost to Iran, no less.

Gyrate, I heard on the news that last night’s defeat was the worst Scotland endured in 42 years, so I suppose that’s how long ago that Uruguay match was…