Hollywood producer goes to Kuwait

I can’t believe my eyes. I just read that some Hollywood producer has been sent to Kuwait, because the armed forces is building a $250,000 set to give press conferences from. Only in America would they do this bullshit. I read the article in the NY Post, but couldn’t find the article on the website.

Our tax dollars at work.

Ignore my grammer, I just woke up. :smiley:

And it’s Qatar, but I stand by the rest of my ‘misteaks’.

Maybe he’s also scouting locations for “Gulf War II: Electric Boogaloo”.

The fact that they are buidling some fancyass CNN style set, with plasma screens all over the place, really irks me. Give the general a fucking balsa wood podium with a sandbag at the bottom so it doesn’t blow away, and stop wasting my tax money on bullshit.

Mmmmmmmm…plasma screens.

We’re going to be wasting a lot more money on a war. What’s an extra 250k.

I wonder if Fox is behind this war somehow.

That reminds me of Bernie Shaw being under the bed.

Like that Bond film?

I must have missed something.

Tomorrow Never Dies, where a Bill Gates/Rupert Murdoch cross engineers a war with China to sell papers.