Hollywood Scripting

I just got finished watching a movie called “Behind Enemy Lines”. A relatively craptacular movie that moved me less than a Thai all you can eat buffet. Nonetheless, at the end of the movie, they posted those infamous “quick story lines” that gave the impression this whole story was based on a true story. Most specifically, there was mention of an Admiral Reigert who retired after being given a “desk job” because he defied orders and saved the day.

Now, I am aware that most of the movie is cinematic showboating, but i was wondering if anyone knew if any part of this story was true. They claim that the pilot who was saved by the admiral got video tape of mass graves that eventually led to the conviction of a war criminal (I missed his name).

A short perusal of the internet yielded no results (besides movie reviews). So, I will pose the question, is any part of this story true or is this another example of Hollywood trying to assert some truth to their over used plot lines?

Scott O’Grady