holy bart simpson! nestles changing butterfinger bars !

apparently next year there’s going to be “new and improved” butterfingers rolling out next month/year heres the story and review


Noooooo! Say it ain’t so. I like a Butterfinger occasionally.

Adding a new option is a good idea, if they are replacing the originals they are in for a harsh lesson.

Not that the slideshow is that informative, but it sure sounds like they’re changing the recipe, not just adding a “new, improved” version to the line-up. I love Butterfingers (but don’t buy them too often because they are a bit cloying after two bites–the mini bite-sized ones are perfect, though), but I’m willing to give the new ones a shot. All the reviews I’ve googled seem to like it, saying it stays true to the original while improving on it, but one article does mention the Coke v New Coke debacle.

“Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!”

I guess Nestle forgot their own ad campaign’s catch phrase.

I hope they haven’t screwed up one of my favorite candy bars.

My Butterfinger complaint is the chocolate flaking off. Makes a mess on my shirt.

Nestle tried Butterfinger BB’s, Cups, and Crisp bars. They didn’t sell and I think were discontinued.

One slide stated that the new bar is more wholesome. I can’t believe that kale chips are hurting Butterfinger sales that much. Want to make a better Butterfinger? More butter!

I’m guessing the main difference is the new version is smaller.

I note they didn’t compare the weight of the two. Very telling.

And don’t cut back on the finger either!

Wait a few months after they roll it out, and we’ll start seeing them offer “Butterfinger Classic” bars.

Slide 2 shows the packaging for both and they both are listed as weighing 1.9 oz (53.8g).

I don’t do slideshows. Is there an actual article somewhere?

How do they propose to improve on perfection? :confused:

no idea…

Feel free to pick any of the myriad articles.

If you want a specific rec, here’s one from Food & Wine.

I’m sure lots of people will give it a try out of curiosity (I definitely will), but the people who already bought butterfingers regularly did it because they liked what current butterfingers tasted like. Whatever they come up with won’t be that, they are as likely to choose to keep eating as any other candy bar.

I can’t find the source now, but when I was looking at the articles earlier today, I saw one that had six Butterfinger lovers taste the new one, and they all seemed to like it better. Plus a person who didn’t like Butterfingers apparently also liked the new one. So I’ll hold out hope for it. From the description of it (less cloying, still flaky, but a little more peanut-y), it sounds to me like an improvement and something that would make me want to buy Butterfingers more often. As they are now, I love them, but only in very small doses. I typically only have them in those “fun sized” packs these days. This may get me back to buying the full bar. I don’t necessarily think this is a mistake. We shall see.

The reviews sound encouraging, but since I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and this is my second favorite (behind Baby Ruth) fun size candy bars I’ll probably grab several bags before the change and toss them in the freezer. Even if they were to change out the basic McDonald’s cheeseburger for one that is “better”, I may still get a craving for the “old school” version. Hopefully I’ll agree with the reviews and will not need to dig into my frozen stash.

There is only one thing to be said about this. “Nestle, eat my shorts!”

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