Holy cow...dont tell me I ACTUALLY had this conversation...

It dont get more mundane than this folks.

So last Wedsday I was driving home from school with my neighbor whom I act as a chauffeur. Little background info on this girl (lets call her Jamie)…She is a sophmore at my school, very nice, and pretty smart (or so I thought). Well, I haddnt eaten lunch at school that day, so as soon as school let out I swung by our local Subway to grab a sub for when I got home. Jamie waited in the car and I told her that I would be just a minute.

Now our Subway here in town is run by a group of very nice Indians origionally from just north of Mumbai. They speak very rough English, but durring my trip to India 2 years ago I was able to pick up on the broken english and make some sence out of it as opposed to some other people here in town. So considering I’ve had the trip to India and all, the workers there and I are on very friendly terms, especially considering I give out half my income to them by eating there so much.

So once I got my sub and get out to the car, Jamie comments on how fast it took…Here is how the conversation went from here on out.

Jamie: “Wow that was fast!”
Me: “Yeah, I know the Indians in there. They are nice people.”
Jamie: “Who? Oh you mean the Chinese.”
Me:thinking"What Chinese?"
Jamie: “The Chinese workers in there”
Me: “Um…there arnt any Chinese workers in there. They are all Indian.”
Jamie: “Wait a sec…where do Indians live?”
Me:dumbfounded “…India?” :confused:
Jamie: “Whoa…wait. Then where do Chinese live?”
Me:"…China?!" :confused:
Jamie: “Oh wow! I diddnt know that. Where do Koreans live?”
Me: “Korea!” :eek:
Jamie: “Wait. where do people from Taiwan live? Oh yeah duh! Taiwan!”

:smack: SMACK :smack: SMACK :smack: SMACK

I mean come ON! Its not a hard concept to get. Indians are from India, Chinese are from China, and Koreans are from Korea!!! I mean I can understand it all if she just diddnt recognise the difference between Indians and Chinese…its a rare mistake, but it still happens. But thinking Indians live in China, or whatever whacked out concept that was brewing in her noggin at the time…well…good grief!

One last for good nature: :smack:

She’s gotta be pulling your leg, no one is that stupid.

I hope.

Please make sure she doesn’t stray into the gene pool, even in the shallow end.


I swear this girl was dead serious through the entire thing. she was litterally confused the whole conversation. I really did think she was pretty smart though!

Heh. Ask her where the Dutch are from. I’d be really interested to know what she thinks.


horseflesh, that’s an easy one.

pennsylvania, of course!

Heh, Horseflesh everyone knows that the Dutch come from Deutschland. Are you a moron or something? :smiley:

And ask whether they’re paying their own way.

Of course she was confused.

Indians live on reservations.
Chinese live in Asia.

Does that clear everything up?

Maybe her great-great-great-great-great grandfather sailed with Columbus…

Well considering that a guy I know thought that Canadians lived in Canadia, I’m not terribly surprised…

[Arrogant Worms]
We’re in Ca-nay-d…oh CANADA! We’re in Canada! He’s a hockey player! No, no, he’s a mountie!

[/Arrogant Worms]

Okay, lemme see if I’ve got this straight:

The Danish are from Daneland.

Eskimos are from Eskimolia.

People from Antarctica are called Antarctickans, or Ants for short.

People from Turkey are called Turkeys? And people from Brazil are called Brazil Nuts?

Have I got that right?

Horseflesh, now lemme explain it to you again.

There are no ants in Antartica…only polar bears. :smiley: And the odd strange scientist who studies why there are no ants in Antartica. (It’s pretty obvious to laymen…the polar bears ate them all!! And then they too died out for lack of nourishment from the anty-source…that’s why there’s no bears in Antartica now either)

Got it?

Geez you’re slow sometimes…:smiley:

Now I know yer foolin’ with me, kambuckta. Everyone knows that polar bears are from Poland. :rolleyes:

Do whales come from wales, then?

Is this “Jamie” blonde? Perky? Chipper?

If so, you’ve sighted a Common Cheerleader!

Common Cheerleaders, properly called shoutus ridculus boytoyus are a sub-species of boobus americanus.

Commonly found in the Midwest, where they are exclusively corn-fed, they may also be found throughout the United States. They are symbiotic with the Common American Jock (boobus americanus neanderthalus). Invariably found together, the female attaches herself to the Common Jock, and will not let go until dumped.

The Common Cheerleader is usualy considered a parasite, which can be eliminated by spraying. But some species, notable the Pizza-Faced Nerd (twerpus Microsoftus) inexplicably flock to them. The Common Cheerleader drives them away, unless the Pizza-Faced Nerd has built a nest of at least $1.5 million in value, at which time they flock around him.

Nope, they’re the Ents. They used to live in Antarctica, but they hated the cold, so they signed a deal with Tolkien and moved to the warmer, fictional climes of Middle Earth.

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor what can I say? :smiley: That was one of the funniest things I’ve read in a LOOOONG time. But believe it or not, she’s not a cheerleader, but after that conversation I wouldnt be suprised if she tried out for the squad! I’ll keep the Dutch thing in mind and throw it in a conversation tactfully sometime…not like she would notice it. But if her head exploads in my car, You all will have to clean it up!

Played alotta sports in HS, did ya? :wink: