Holy cow, I just finished my first half marathon!

Not to zombify my own old thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=578068

I ran and finished the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World last Sunday! I’ve been walking on air ever since I trotted across the finish line. My finishing medal is one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever owned, and I’d be wearing it every day except 1) it’s rather heavier than anticipated and 2) really, am I that big of a dork? I have settled for wearing a mental medal, which turns out to be the perfect accessory.

It was a blast and a ridiculous amount of fun! I ran-walked-ran with my best friend, and we are planning on doing this every year. The friend who pushed me to do this wasn’t able to come after all, but she and I will be looking at various races over the next year so that I can maintain and improve my fitness level as well as widen my collection of running shirts and finishing medals. It looks like we’re going to sign up for a 10K in June.

Who knew? At 44, after thinking that ‘unfit’ was one of my adjectives, it turns out I’m a natural athlete! :slight_smile:

This is the most boring cliché, but as I ran(-walked-ran) the last couple of miles and knew without a doubt that, barring a freak meteor strike, I’d be finishing for sure, I reflected that this is something I never knew I could do, and I started wondering what else I can do that I don’t yet know I’m capable of.

Go me!

Huge congrats! I love reading first-time race reports like yours. Enjoy the after-glow!

Oh, and I believe you are allowed to wear your finisher medal 1 day for every mile of the race. You’ve got nearly 2 weeks :slight_smile:


If you’re a dork, then I’m a bigger dork. When I crossed the finish line at my first half, I started to cry because I was so proud of myself. :o

Congradulations. Way to Go!

Thanks, all! MobiusStripes, I like your rule and wish to subscribe to your newsletter! lorene, I’ll see your dorkiness and raise you – when we met up with my Dad after the race, I sat down on his cooler/portable chair thing to update my facebook status (“shantih and shantih’sBFF, you just finished the Princess Half Marathon! What are you going to do next?” “We’re going to Disney World!”) and started weeping like a little girl. I set a goal and achieved it!! No matter what happens for the whole rest of my life, this is an achievement I can point to forever. I was so afraid I was going to fall short in front of everyone in my life, but I didn’t. I made it! Woo-hoo!!

Big congrats all around! Marathons are not on my bucket list, but I sure do respect those who go from couch potato to runner. Go! Go! Go!

Very groovy! Go you!!