Holy cow, there's a new Master of Orion?!

This literally just popped up on my Steam feed and I had no idea it was coming. Has anyone heard anything about it? I LOVED MOO. MOO2 was petty good but I liked the simpler game play of MOO better. The less said about MOO3 the better.

But here it is, a new MOO coming soon and I had no idea. Anyone know anything about it? What’s the buzz?

I saw it a few days ago on Steam, like you.

I’m waiting with bated breath to see if the reviews are good before I take the plunge, tho.

My understanding is the game is being sold while in a beta stage or maybe even alpha. Part of the reason it is only $10 is your paying to help complete development or some crap like that. I’ll wait until I see enough good reviews to even think about it.

I’ve been playing and made a few very tiny contributions to Free Orion which is free but has been progressing very slowly for over a decade. I like the fact you can mess with 50% of the settings to vary things and add your own contents and ships if you like, but it is not for everyone. (sourceforge project by the way)
Official Reviews: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/master-of-orion-3

These are reviews for MOO 3, not for the new project.

Well, there MIGHT be a new Master of Orion; As has been pointed out, the game as it exists right now is somewhere in the “early access” mess.

I too had heard nothing of it until it popped up in the top of the Steam feed. I’d like to say “Hey, good job Steam, you made me aware of a game that I didn’t already know about and which I might possibly like!” until I realized that it wasn’t in any way a tailored recommendation, and is in fact just the Steam equivalent of a banner ad for everyone.

Also, what’s this about $10? The version I see on Steam wants me to pay fifty bucks to be part of their test crew. Though it includes the previous three games, so I guess that’s something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reviews seem… unconvincing at this time, though at least it’s apparently no MOO3. My worry is that it’s going to be another tedious, micromanagey MOO2.

Well, you’re fucked then, because this is basically MOO2 with pretty graphics.

Which is basically what I’ve been looking for for almost twenty years, so I’m pretty happy with it. But it’s definitely not breaking any new ground in the space-based 4X genre.

Eh. It’s what I EXPECT from Space 4X games, so mostly I just don’t play them. It’s their loss more than mine. :wink:

Honestly, the Steam Reviews make it sound pretty arse though.

I’ve always wondered what the appeal was of “And now this planet gets a hydroponic farm!”

Yeah to me MOO2 felt more like a simulator than a game. It wasn’t bad but MOO was light and breezy and more fun.

The voice acting talent in the new MoO is top notch.

I’m really looking forward to MOO4 (we’re calling it that, right?). I absolutely adored MOO2; still do, really. I don’t do early access, though.

Incidentally, there’s new-ish game called StarDrive 2 that’s a rather shameless MOO2 clone that’s pretty fun. It’s worth checking out if you want to scratch that space 4X itch. Endless Space is pretty good, too.

That’s not the experience I have of MOO2 at all. It would be micromanagey if you refused to use the auto-build feature, but the auto-build is surprisingly good for a game of that age. You can spam colony ships with a “fire and forget” strategy with very good results; maybe not as good as if you were to totally micromanage everything, but close enough.

Early access is early access. Right now the game features a lot of big budget polish (top notch voice acting, cutscenes, etc), but the core game is still very much alpha. I’m going by what I’ve seen of Quill18’s and other youtubbers. The AI is definitely not ready for prime time. It’s got a long ways to go, and some fo the systems aren’t fully developed yet either - the UI also needs improvement or micromanaging will be nightmarish.

Basically, if you WANT to be part of the process that helps the devs figure this stuff out and improve the game leading up to a full release, well it’ll be $50 for the privileged. I personally will wait until it’s 1.0 and I hear good things about it,a nd if I do hear good things, I don’t mind dishing out the $60 at that point.
I do also nee dit to offer me something other than great voice acting and cut scenes specially over Gal Civ III and the upcoming Endless Space 2.

Got the “early access” off Steam. Very much like MOO2. (Even the researchable techs have the same names!) At present, there is no espionage, although you can see references to espionage in a couple of the tech items/buildings.

However, there is one big change: warp lanes/warp points. Can’t travel directly from system “A” to system “B” unless they are connected by a warp lane. This allows a player to create choke points, now. I think it will help empire defense a little bit.

Endless space had that mechanic, but, there was late game tech that allowed you to move to another system without a direct warp lane, it just took a lot longer to get there.

Any idea if the hooks for something like that are implemented?

Also, are you having fun with the early access build? The more I watch quill18 play it, the more I want it.

I have that game, too. :slight_smile:

I did not notice any, but I have not finished a complete game yet. (I just unlocked Titan class hulls.)

Yes. At this point, IMO, if you like MOO2, you will like this MOO4, which seems to be deliberately modeled after the older one. (I bought my copy after watching quill18’s first five “Let’s play” episodes on Youtube.)

Obviously, the developer may make design decisions in the future I might not like, which is why I mentioned the warp lanes thingy (in the off chance this mechanic is too annoying for some players).

Oh! Another tidbit: They have not put in any animations for ground invasions yet. Just the results screen. I hope they plan to implement something to watch! It was pretty cool (in MOO2) watching the tiny soldiers blazing away at each other.

I’m picking it up tonight :slight_smile:

Looking forward to checking it out when I have more gameplay time.

The question becomes “Why is that stuff even there if you’re just supposed to push “autobuild” and ignore it?” And the answer is “You’re not supposed to do that, because you’ll end up doing things thoroughly suboptimally.”

The best way to play a game should also be the fun way.

I respectfully disagree. IMO, a game should allow player’s a choice in how to tailor the game that suits them.

For example: I set the planetary manager to “balanced” in the “Empire” screen. This means that an action that I find boring (population worker placement/management) is now automated, while I still personally tinker with the few other things that I do still find entertaining (ship design, planetary construction que, tech research choices).

I fully realize that I am not min/maxing my gameplay this way, but I am still having fun. If you feel some kind of “pressure” to min/max a game to victory, instead of just focusing on the elements that entertain you, in a single player game, that’s all on you! It’s not a failure of the game. (Especially if the designers give you some tools to avoid those tedious parts.) :slight_smile:

Incorrect. I’m not under any obligation to play the game AT ALL. So why should I use the poorly optimized tool instead of playing a game that doesn’t have the thing I don’t like at all? Because abstracting it away with a less-than-optimal “automated” process doesn’t actually make it go away.

There are LOTS of 4X games out there. There are games which, in fact, are better than MOO2 if you don’t like fiddly colony management.


Let me be clear: You have every “right” to decide for yourself what entertainment you consume, and not. As do I, for myself.

But, in my opinion, I prefer gameplay tools/options to be included in these games (even if these lead to “not optimal” results), then to NOT have them, and feel like the game plays you.