HOLY CRAP! I might get to be on TV!


Alrighty then! I just passed the second round! I guess I should explain… You know the “what would you do with a Pontiac for a week?” commercials? Well a while back I filled out the first preliminary form just as a joke. Well they liked what I said, and had me fill out a more complicated secondary form: detailing my personality, my driving habits, and furthur explaining what I would do with a Pontiac for a week. I was hyped about it. Well today I got a third response! it seems as though this just might happen! Hell yes! I am so psyched right now! I would get to use a new Pontiac Vibe! It’s like an equivalent to a PT cruiser but cooler looking, and not chrysler (thank god for GM). Damn! I just had to share this with everyone, keep your fingers crossed for me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


We could have a LOT of fun tearing around the side streets of Ybor in that thing (I saw it at the Tampa car show…)


Sorry, it ain’t nothing like a PT Cruiser more like a Subaru Outback. :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I’m a big fan of the PT just that there is nothing remotely retro looking about the Vibe. I hope you win though, the GT looks like a real screamer. (be sure to ask for the GT):smiley:

Good luck!

chk chk

So when you win it, you’re coming to pick me up, right?

broccoli!, in control of a vibe for a week.

Who’da thunk it?

[/gratuitous sexual innuendo]

OK, so if I’m understanding this correctly, GM is planning one selling and promoting a vehile called the Vibe? Jesus, I can hear SNL and junior high kids snickering everywhere.

I plan on hitting on every girl I see driving one. [sub]Although if its similar to the Outback, I may not have much luck, if you get my drift…[/sub]

Not even on TV yet and yer already doing reruns! Is that what happens when you hit “post reply” with your fingers crossed? :smiley:

Good luck.

i hope you make it!

i gotta tell ya, i hate those stupid commercials. college football saturday is chock-full-o’-em! they always show people doin shit with little or no connection to the damn piece of general motors junk thier drivin’ around.

what would I do with a pontiac for a week?

take it as far into the hills as i could till it died, strip the good stuff, shoot the rest full of holes then mail the keys back! (oh, not really! been there, done that!)

one question: do they finance your adventure?

Lol, yeah my posts are in syndication now…

So I just got ANOTHER EMAIL. [geesh]
Now they want me to send them in one big package:

  • My background check from a link they provided
  • My online application (again)
  • A background check from my friend who’s going with me on the road trip
  • An application from him
  • a photo album of us
  • A 3-5 minute video of us ‘in action’
  • Another video of us pretending we’re in a Vibe, and using it’s features (it’s features provided by a link)

…all this is due in their office in TEN DAYS.
Jesus, looks like my weekend is packed.

So I ask again.

You’re coming to pick me up, <i>right</i>?

I can totally see you pretending to drive a car around. Take lots of pictures!

Cool for you! I wonder if there is any way for you to meet up with this DopeFest road trip.

Rasa I’m sorry, but I can’t pick you up :frowning: The reason i’m getting all this attention is because of my trip outline I sent them from the start:

  • Starting in Florida, go through every state that touches the Gulf of Mexico and find a place to bungee jump in each.
  • Once through bungee jumping in all states i’ll be in Texas. From there I drive to San Diego, CA to “surprise” a friend of mine I haven’t sen in years.
  • Take my friends and head from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico for one last night of fun.


I am so misunderstood.


broccoli! I don’t want you to flame me or anything, (I just started a pit rant about the utter stupidity of these commercials)

But what’s the BFD? It’s fun to be on T.V. and all, but they’re giving you a car.

For a week.

A Week.

And then you return said car.

You can have my car for a week if you want. What’s the difference? Do they PAY for your whole trip? If so, they should state that in the commercial AND indicate that it has absolutely nothing to do with the make and model of the car.

This ad campaign is maddening to me. I mean, good luck, I’d love to see you in a commercial…but what drove you to enter such a ridiculous contest?


broccoli!, if the timing works out (now it looks like the weekend of Nov 15) you should definitely swing up to the tri-state area for our MovableDopeFest. But can you bring me a cuban sandwich and some Ybor Gold?! Or if it’s this weekend you can join me in cheering against the Bengals fans in Paul Brown Stadium (Go Bucs!)

Hey Broc, I read and re-read this but I can’t see the part where you drive your new vibe to Harbor club this friday to see you newly married pal pezpunk’s poorly named band play with their temporary bassist? Strange…

In your dimension that would be December 15. Just to be clear.

Add me to the list of those who are wondering how much they are financing your 1 week getaway. Just curious. I wouldn’t be able to pay for something like that on my own.

I used to have this best friend named Dingo…

Yeah, So they guy I was going to take with me on the road trip if we got it bailed on me. Totally gone. So now, because of the way Pontiac has you enter this thing I have to start all over agian. Fu(k! Well, I think i’ll just wait until I get to San Diego and re-enter with people who are willing to go on a week long road trip. Oh yeah, I should be in San Diego in the first of the new year.

To sum this all up:
No tag along friend = no road trip = disqualification = no pontiac for a week = Dead Dingo at the bottom of a canal :smiley:

PEZZY - Congrats again mang! When’s that show?