Holy Crap! S&W introduces a .460 revolver.

A Backpack Cannon.

$1200, but you can also fire .45 Long Colt and .454 Casull with it. Just the thing for those pesky raccoons.


My personal rule of thumb is that no revolver should have a cylinder longer than its barrel.

Just ballparking it from the photo, but the barrel seems to be about 25% longer than the cylinder.

Although I’ll admit you have a point there. The barrel-flip on that sucker must be fierce.

This is why you don’t pee with your 5 year old son. Some day the guy has a F-350, a REALLY LOUD Harley, and is still ashamed of his penis. And he’s buying this hand-cannon.
Come on, dude. You were only 5 years old.

Seriously though, you might want that gun if you’re backpacking in grizzly country with bloody meat in your tent.

I watched the video. Muzzle flip wasn’t that much though it was sharp. The .454 looked like more of a handful.

Or you’re an 8 foot tall bright red demon with a giant stone right hand, hunting other supernatural creatures for a secret government agency.

Smith just announced they’ll stop selling in California because of microstamping. Great.

But yeah, I’d want one of those .460s too.

They’ve had .460s for a long time. .500s too.

But only semiautos. They’ll still sell revolvers.

I was going to say that. Since 2005. The .460 is cooler than .500 because it can shoot so much: .460 S&W, .454 Casull, .45 (Long) Colt, .45 Schofield, and I think one more (different Schofield loading too?). LC probably being the most economical.


Shows .460 magnums with 10", 12" and 14" barrels, but obviously not the same gun.

The article linked above claims they’re a pleasure to shoot. Must weigh a fuckload then, which makes them a lot less of a ‘backpack’ weapon.

It looks like the handgun in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Does it come with cartoon ammo also?

I don’t.

I like guns. I like to shoot guns. I like big guns because they are big. Heck, I wouldn’t even let the price tag be the deal breaker. But I also need a bit of aesthetics to go along with my guns. I love my .45 Long Colt Ruger Vaquero birds head revolver (for example) but sorry, that S&W is butt fugly.

Back in grad school, I worked at a sporting goods store, and they had one of those S&W .500 revolvers.

That thing must have weighed 4 lbs, and had a bore the size of my middle finger. It was totally and completely absurd, yet people would come in every freaking day and want to check it out, usually in an almost fetishistic way.

There’s a 5" .460 and 4" .500 too.

It’s way oversized for shooting people (really the .44 Magnum is too), but was intended to be a hunting revolver. If you were suddenly attacked a grizzly or wanted to put a wounded bison out of its misery, it’s a handy gun. I’ve shot it and it’s a credible firearm- the main thing is just getting used to the tremendous explosion happening four inches in front of your knuckles. Shooting a sawed-off pistol grip 12-gauge must be like that.

Nice, especially the pistol grip.

My .357 with a 6" barrel weighs 2 pounds 8 oz.

The .460 5" barrel weighs 3 pounds, 12.9 ounces, or 50% more.

All I can think of is the scene in The Three Amigos where Ned Nederlander shoots the huge pistol.

It would make a nice replacement for what I usually carried in bear country, which was a Mossberg 500.

I couldn’t imagine lugging that brick with me while backpacking.