Holy Crap! SNL was funny!!

I’ve always thought it was funnier than most people thought, or at least tolerated it more, but tonight’s was awesome! No drawn out painful sketches (the Time Travellin Scott Joplin was short, thankfully), Jimmy Fallon laughing not six seconds into the weekly Jimmy/Horatio funfest, etc.

The thing I was most dissatisfied with: the news music sketch. They should have made the theme music be really elaborate, with all these noticeably different sections, and then have an opera singer in the mix, cannons and shit, a blistering guitar solo, a gospel choir going “OooohhhHHH we gonna give you the newss (NEEWSSS!) Oh yeah! Get ready fo the NEWWSS! (READY FOooo-oo-oo–OO–oo-OORR THA Noo-woo-woo-woow-woo-woow-woooos!!)”

The potentially most hilariousest sketch and it was what, two and half minutes long?

Hmmm, interesting review. I agree with you that SNL was really really good tonight. BUT, it happens that I thought the news sketch was the best of them all. It was pretty damned good the way they did it.

Yes I liked that news sketch too. And what was the urgent bulletin that had to be reported? A broken water pipe during a Bachman Turner Overdrive concert ?? LOL - And it was great that they used recent BTO footage as opposed to some archive BTO stuff.

Horatio is sooooooooooo not funny.

Merv the Perv is going places, though.

Are we talking about the same show? The one with Andy Roddick?

If so, I thought it was pretty bad.

I didn’t think the show was very good at all. A couple funny things, but overall pretty dreadful.

Anyone watching the late-night SNL re-run right now?

“The Folksmen” documentary… Man, this is cool!

I picked the right night to stay up extra late. “The Folksmen” documentary was hilarious, and I haven’t even seen A Mighty Wind!

Aparently I got to see the alternate universe episode. There were no funny parts. The “Merv the Perv” sketch was nearly a direct rip off of a sketch Mel Gibson did about 15+ years ago. The two-faced Rosie bit sucked big time. Rachel Dratch should not be allowed to own a televion much less appear on one. Does John McEnroe not have a life anymore? Even the WU segment blew. Predictable jokes, bad punchlines. The Action 13 sketch went on about 4 minutes too long.

Please let the end be near for this mess.

I was surprised at how weak & self-referential the opening was. What was the deal with Roddick’s hair?

I did laugh at parts – the recurring gag that he played Stiffler was funny. It seemed no less/more funny than the rest of this season to me.

I missed the show. Are you people trying to tell me that they actually revisted that awful Time Travelling Scott Joplin bit?

Please, no, in the name of all that’s holy.

I thought the show was so-so and I’m a big time fan. Having John McEnroe pop up repeatedly was more distracting than anything.

Yeah, they did the time-travelling Scott Joplin bit. Actually, I don’t mind that skit, because the premise *should allow for a gold-mine of comedy. It’s not about the Scott Joplin character, but it’s a set-up for jokes about the past-present-future. Like the past Andre Agassi aghast that he dumped Brooke Shields for Steffi Graf - and the future Agassi announcing that he’s back with Brooke. There should be tons of good comedic ideas around bringing people together from the past/present/future.

Unfortunately, that would assume you had actual comedy writers. SNL is severely lacking in writing talent right now. They need to trim down that huge cast and find some new people who can actually write.

I’m beginning to think that Wil Ferrell was the anchor of that show. The day he left, SNL became half as funny.

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** Jimmy Fallon laughing not six seconds into the weekly Jimmy/Horatio funfest, etc.

Are you saying this is a good thing? One of the thing that bothers me so much about these two is that they think they can make up for having no sense of humor by doing the old “laugh with us laughing” thing.

Yeah, I think it’s OK. Doesn’t happen absolutely all the time, and makes me laugh too.

The only performers who could pull off the “we’re laughing at our own sketch” bit were the cast members of The Carol Burnett Show.

I think I need Time Travellin Scott Joplin to be explained to me again. I saw it with the tennis stars and I felt like maybe I was dreaming. Was that the first ever Time Travellin Scott Joplin? What the hell is the idea? There were no people from different times coming together on that one. It made no bloody sense. The reason I laughed was that Maya looked funny dressed up like Scott Joplin. There is some intrinsic funniness in Maya Rudolph doing a little Scott Joplin.

I think it’s funny when Horatio Sanz starts laughing because I expect one night he will actually pee his pants. Jimmy Fallon is a bit annoying but I tolerate him because Horatio seems to like him. I love Horatio.

Andy Roddick is hot. Major package bouncing in the tennis sketch with Fred Armisen* as Billie Jean King.

And did Tina Fey come out as a lesbian last night? (“Rosie” said, “Just because we’re both lesbians.”) :confused:

  • Fred Armisen - watch this one. Everything he’s done so far has made me piss my pants laughing.

Agreed about Armisen. He is a funny guy. Best part is, he plays his comedy with much more realism than some of the other cast members, and to me, that makes comedy funnier.

Tina Fey has been married to Jeff Richmond for just over two years. I don’t think she’s lesbian. They have made jokes about her being boy-ish unattractive to men before, so I’m guessing the joke was playing into that stereotype of lesbians.

For what it’s worth, Tina Fey is one of the main reasons I still watch the show. She’s funny and HOT.

Amen on the Tina Fey comments; she’s a babe. BTW, the October 31 New Yorker had a profile of her in it if anyone’s interested.

I thought the best skit last night was Jimmy Fallon using his amazing impersonation skills to do the entire “Morning Zoo Crew” radio show all by himself, then impersonating (passably) Andy Roddick after Roddick stormed off in anger.

Roddick: “He’s not even a real person!”

Fallon: “You’re saying that because he’s black?”