Holy... did anyone else see NXmen146 coming? (massive spoilers)

A disclaimer. If you are some sort of spoiler junky, even if you don’t read New Xmen: leave this thread now. This is something worth not spoiling for yourself. And as an added precaution, I’m putting most of my OP in spoiler box, even though the title clearly says spoilers.

Anyway, Grant Morrison’s run has been interesting, and I’ve mostly enjoyed it. Interestingly, he has had a perchance for making characters do certain things that seem “off” to me… and then many many issues later he reveals something that actually explains it. One example, in the Cassandra Nova story line was

when “Xavier” shot Cassandra. This is way out of the plausible range of behavior for super-pacifist Xavier, especially since Cassandra was otherwise immobilized already. I thought it was just lousy “hip people kill with guns!” writing. But later onit made perfect sense.

anyway, this was definately the mother of all of that sort of tactic. Certain things had been nagging for quite some bit about

Xorn. His powers seemed to work in very ad hoc ways. He occasionally did things that seemed slightly out of character. But I never expected something like this. As big surprises, well set-up and both kept under the radar while still providing clues, go, this was pretty masterful IMHO. Normally I’m not a big fan of the return of a supposedly dead bad guy, especially one that’s been supposedly dead like four or five times already so far. And Magneto is my favorite X-Men villian only in theory: in practice, too many lousy writers have turned him into a one-note raving insane madman bad guy, instead of the much more complex villian he can be (and once was). We’ll see if Morrison can write him in an interesting way: I have to admit that Morrison’s bad guys have been his weak point: they’ve all been almost motiveless evil, wanting to kill mutants for some reason that seemed only vague at best.

But there are so many things to think back upon now.

Xorn’s secret slaughter of the UMen was the first real reveal we’ve had of a darker side (well, I guess AFTER he supposedly was going to destroy the entire world with his suicide), but his powers have been more of a giveaway, as Magneto brags. I mean, what DOES a giant star for a brain do for you? And why does it give him “healing powers.” Well, looking back at the entire run of Xorn, and reading some usenet retrospectives, its pretty cool to see how his already vague powers were “faked” with Magneto’s powers, right in front of our eyes.

Xorn moved a huge cement truck in the Riot at Xavier’s storyline, seemingly with his bare hands. But who ever mentioned him having superstrength? Obvious answer now: metal truck.

Xorn’s healing powers: while vaunted, we’ve only ever seen them do anything ONCE: and that was a case in which the “disease” was a bunch of metalic nano-robots. The only other time was with Quentin Quire, but Xorn DIDN’T heal Quentin. In fact, it appears now that he may have killed him just to shut him up.

Xorn disabled/killed/maimed G-type somehow: but despite his power supposedly coming from his huge star brain, you can see him using his hands to do it, just like Magneto.

Although Morrison obviously took too litterally Sage’s “computer brain” mutation, it now makes sense how her memories could have been messed up.

Xorn’s height, Magneto’s height, and the height of the person who attacked Sage are all the same.

Now, obviously, there’s a heck of a lot left to explain. Who is Martha really (an obvious Mags ally) and were both the U-Men and Weapon Plus entirely Magneto conspiracies?

But even if that explanation doesn’t go well, Morrison’s already pulled off a great twist, not least of all because I sort of LIKED Xorn as a character.

I can say, in all honesty, that, no, I did not see that coming. Nor have I seen it going. For that matter, I have not seen it in any way, shape, or form.

actually, that’s been two issues in a row where things happened that I didn’t see coming.

the event at the end of the previous issue actually made me say, ‘shit!’ on a crowded train. Drawing more than a few irate, ‘who is this guy’ type stares.

Now, I wouldn’t comment, but I’ve found Morrison’s run on NXmen enjoyable, if somewhat bland. And despite reading his entire JLA run, I’m still trying to work out what made that (JLA) ‘brilliant’, as some have described it. My only real feeling for the JLA stuff was, ‘yeah, ok… so?’.

Now, I’ve felt the Xmen stuff was kinda choppy. Things would happen and I wouldn’t recall any lead-up to the event (can’t think of specifics right now), this gave the book a very Morrison-ex-machina feel. However, the previous story with Wolvie, Cyclops and Phantasm was fun and then it was WOW!-fun, and this new story (isn’t it really still the same story?) looks to be shaping up to be MUCH more coherent, and belies a LOT of prework in the leadup.

So honestly, no, I didn’t see this coming, and while I was saying, ‘oh no! not MAGNETO!’ I was also thinking, ‘hunh? Isn’t he dead… again? or still? or… blah’. So let’s see if there’s a plausible explanation.

Not to do a hijack or anything, but how do folks feel Ultimate Xmen compares to New Xmen? In many ways I prefer the ballsiness of Ultimate, but the characterisation in New seems to be more accurate (most of the time).


Ultimate X-men is fairly fun, though I’m getting a little tired of the three issues with Spiderman and Daredevil and Wolverine: not that the writing hasn’t been good, but it seems to be dragging things out.

Read the Xorn one shot issue again. Read Quentin Quire’s death sequence again. Wow. The new stuff really puts those things in a whole different light.

Called it a few months ago. Been calling Xorn “Erik The Red” for longer than that. It’s just such a Grant-ish thing to do.

I thought Marvel was doing a “No more back from the dead” policy. I admit, I haven’t really read any of the NX-Men after the “E for Extinction” storyline (which I thought was great), but didn’t they do a fantastic issue dealing with Magneto’s “final death”? Kinda shitty to do such a great little story and then just flush it all down the toilet like that. They need to quit bringing people back from the dead. Next thing you know, Colossus is going to spring back up out of nowhere.

As for Ultimate X-Men, I do collect that, and I find it rather enjoyable, because I like the new spin on some of the characters, but it’s starting to get a little old for me. I mean, they’ve already killed and ressurrected Magneto, and they keep getting wishy washy on Wolverine’s healing factore (In one issue, three to five military guys unload clip after clip of AK-47 assault rounds into him, and the second the car crashes, he’s out on the prowl, and later on, he gets shot a couple dozen times and needs a day to recouperate in a basement? Something just doesn’t hold up here). I have to say though, it’s the only comic that’s put together a storyline that’s actually made me like Gambit, and that says a lot (because in the normal continuity, I hate that little shit.).

This may or may not change your opinion, but that story was written by Morrison and, in hindsight, it’s clear it was all part of his master plan.

I thought Morrison’ NXM run so far has not been his best work, but I was totally surprised by this development, and I think that it may enhance the story on reread as I can appreciate all the little things that lead up to it (which, like Apos, seemed a little off to me previously).


Yeah. So many things throughout the run had me going “eh… that’s a little off” but many of them now turn out to be part of the trick. Even some of the seemingly nonsense techbabble: because in some cases it WAS nonsense (we still have yet to learn if Weapon Plus was even partly real or all an elaborate ruse).

There is a very very tiny caveat in there. It only applies to heroes who make the ultimate sacrifice. They don’t want to cheapen those. I give it, at best a few years.

See, Colossus is still dead… :rolleye:

I wasn’t horrifically surprised. Magneto’s back? I didn’t see the how coming; it was just earlier I would have predicted.

Like the old saying goes: there are no pearly gates in mutant heaven; only revolving doors.

Well, they did sort of spoil it in the trade of E is for Exitinction where they have the “Morrison’s gameplan for relaunching the X-Men” at some point in there, there is some part about how, after a bunch of other stuff, that’s set them up to do the “mother of all Magneto stories” I had forgotten about reading that until now.