Holy f**ck this is Funny...

…in so many ways!!

If you have ever seen the Canadian “Just For Laughs (Gags)” on Comedy Central, you will definitely appreciate this:



They must have have some major city noises (jackhammers, etc.) in the background to be able to pull this one off! Heh hee…


multiple lols

I believe that takes inspiration from a funny scene in Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.

That was brilliant!

Can you say “cognitive dissonance”?

Can you say “irony”?

oh my stars that was funny. Having actually been in that situation (well, not that precise situation, with the surveyor and everything) doesn’t hurt.

A++ fun for the whole family!

Love it!

Just for Laughs: Gags is funny.

I’m not a big fan of hidden camera stuff in general but their gags are really well thought out. I don’t remember seeing any as elaborate as that though, that was really good.

I can’t watch it at work; what is it?

A guy dressed as a city worker convinces random passers-by to walk down an alley holding a red flag, towards another city worker using some sort of surveying equipment. As he’s going down the alley, a bunch of other people, all with red flags and “Strike!” placards file in behind him, but do it quietly enough so the mark doesn’t know they’re there. When he’s about halfway down the alley, a line of riot cops close off the far end and start marching down the alley. The mark turns around, and sees that he’s suddenly leading a now-angry mob.

Very clever.

Ah, yes. I’ve seen it. Thanks!

Yup. :slight_smile:

These are much better than most shows. They seem to rely more on the surreal than fear or taking advantage of people’s goodwill.

It seems mean to me. Maybe it’s that if that was me, I’d be shitting myself and it just being a prank would just turn that panic to anger.

Don’t remember which movie, but yeah, definitely a Chaplin gag.

I saw this a few months ago. And it was taken off of YouTube.

I guess it’s back. You must listen to it with sound on. The music is PERFECT.

It is very, very funny.